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The BIG Benefits of a “Small” Greenhouse

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10 “BIG” Benefits of a “Small” Greenhouse

Growing food in your backyard has just been upgraded like never before!

First, take a moment to check out the Big benefits of owning a small greenhouse.

Plus sharpen your “greenhouse” green thumb by becoming more equipped with tips for enjoying a smashing good, indoor gardening experience!

Below are some of the greatest benefits of owning a greenhouse! Hold onto your spade and your glass of lemonade and let’s get started! Btw, don’t let your sun hat be blown away by these ultra-cool benefits!

1.  Say “Adios” to those pesky, garden-loving varmints, unhealthy pesticides, and destructive diseases.

Gardening invites interest not just from humans, unfortunately…but with a small greenhouse in your backyard, you can keep your most prized vegetables, flowers, or plants, out of the hands and stomach of an unwanted intruder. Plus, you have more control to prevent unwanted pesticides and diseases.

2.  Enjoy fresh vegetables and flowers All Year! (Extends growing season!)

If you enjoy vegetables, like kale, peas, lettuce, and broccoli, you can enjoy a fresh, “spring” salad in the dead of winter. Emphasis on fresh, not store-bought, veggies. Also, you can keep certain  flowers like Amazon lilies and African violets blooming all year around with the proper temperature control.

Plus, other vegetables, like tomatoes, will continue to produce fruit even into November. Learn more about benefits of growing your own food.

3. Financially Favorable

Thanks to the ability to keep some of the greenest and heartiest veggies growing year-around, you will also save money on your grocery bill all year as well. A truly GREEN investment, wouldn’t you say?

4. Permits the growth of a variety of warm weathered plants.

A small greenhouse allows you to grow tropical or sub-tropical plants, such as hibiscus, Thai Red Roselle, or fruit, such as mandarin oranges, pineapples, kiwis, avocados, and key limes, etc..

5. Preserves your wintered dormant plants.

If you have an outdoor garden too, before the first frost hits the ground hard, you can transport your pre-hibernating plants into your small greenhouse. Once spring arrives you can easily transport your nesting plants back into the outdoor soil.

6. Ensures transplanting success.

A small greenhouse can effectively cradle and prepare your seedlings during the late winter for successful transplant in the spring.

7. Allows you to control your plant’s environment

Whether it’s through the use of a heater, vents, fans, shade cloths, added sun exposure, you can control your small greenhouse’s temperature for the idea growing environment. Plus, this controlled environment means additional prevention of unwanted pesks, pesticides, and diseases as mentioned earlier.

8. Creates self-sufficiency and independence.

When you partner with a greenhouse not only do you say “adios” to unwanted garden intruders, but you also say goodbye to full dependence on a fluctuating economy. Food is a nonnegotiable. But thanks to the fact that you will receive year-round access to fresh vegetables, one thing is certain…the grocery store may one day run on empty, but your small greenhouse, will not. You are the boss.

9. Kicks the “Blues” Out of Winter!

How would you like to beat those winter blues? A small greenhouse provides a “tropical” piece of paradise amid a dreary winter. Imagine during the grey of cold January, after walking a few frigid yards from your home, you can sit underneath the warm sunshine surrounded by happy green plants, in a comfortable chair, sipping lemonade, tablet in hand. Deep sigh.

A small greenhouse can help reduce light deprivation which helps alleviate the winter blues or S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder). Plus, gardening in general reduces stress and promotes physical activity so coupled with the added warmth of the sun, you have some real life-giving therapy during one of the most dreary season of the year.

10. No restraint on your favorite hobby!

Your favorite hobby might be playing tennis in the spring, the summer, and the fall, but…winter…that’s another story.

Unfortunately, hobbies are put on hold against the changing seasons, but with a small greenhouse, you NEVER have to stop doing what you LOVE! Honestly, that is deeper than cool, that is seeded in awesome.

Be further inspired by Grow Your Own Heirloom’s Top 10 benefits of owning a greenhouse.

Best Vegetables to Grow Inside Your Small Greenhouse

The growth of your vegetables goes hand-in-hand with the temperature of your greenhouse.

So, the best vegetables to grow coincides with your greenhouse’s indoor temperature and the outdoor season.

With that in mind, when purchasing your small greenhouse decide whether you will add a heating system or remain strictly solar dependent.  Check out this very helpful guide on how to keep your small greenhouse at a great plant-loving temperature for free, for cheap, or in an energy efficient way.

Now let’s make a list of the best vegetables to grow in your small greenhouse. Grab your handy dandy notebook!

Best to Jumpstart Season

⁓ Peas ⁓

⁓ Kale ⁓

⁓ Cauliflower ⁓

⁓ Broccoli ⁓

⁓ Collard Greens ⁓

⁓ Arugula ⁓

⁓ Tomatoes ⁓

⁓ Artichoke ⁓

Best to Grow Year-Round

⁓ Greens/Lettuces ⁓

⁓ Potatoes ⁓

⁓ Peas ⁓

⁓ Onions ⁓

⁓ Herbs ⁓

⁓ Carrots ⁓

⁓ Cauliflower ⁓

⁓ Broccoli ⁓

Best Indoor Loving Plants

⁓ Tomatoes ⁓

⁓ Peppers ⁓

⁓ Strawberries ⁓

⁓ Lettuce ⁓

⁓ Kale ⁓

⁓ Beans ⁓

⁓ Peas ⁓

⁓ Cucumbers ⁓

For further guidance about the best vegetables to grow in your small greenhouse check out this helpful blog from Backdoor Survival on the ‘Best Vegetables to Grow in a Greenhouse’.

What Does not Grow Well in a Small Greenhouse?

The short and super sweet answer. Nothing.

Pretty much everything can be grown in a greenhouse!

Only requirement.

Pay thoughtful attention to the details of your plants’ needs such as humidity level, shade, ventilation, soil, specific plant growth space needs, and fertilizers. Check out How to Avoid the Most Common Greenhouse Mistakes and Preventing and Rescuing Overgrown Plants to be prepared for any plant you want to grow.

Where Do I Start?

“Is there really a huge difference in plant productivity with a small greenhouse compared to my backyard garden?”

“Is it worth the money investment?”

These are two logical questions to ponder.

Get a taste of the difference for yourself by watching this short video from the Californian Gardener.

The tender loving care, otherwise known as TLC, provided by a small greenhouse works its growing magic on vegetables, plants, flowers, and fruit, leaving its outdoor competitor…well outside.

Start Small

Choose a handful of your favorite vegetables, flowers, or plants, and begin the adventure of growing them in a small greenhouse. By choosing the quality vs. quantity route, you will eliminate unnecessary stress and allow for greenhouse gardening to grow your indoor gardening skills to perfection.

Taste the Difference of Indoor VS. Outdoor Growing

Ever wonder what the major difference between growing plants in a greenhouse vs in an outdoor garden? One of the greatest benefits of a greenhouse is that you are able to control the temperature much better which allows you to start your plants much earlier in the spring. Check out this video of the  “California Gardener” to see his comparisons between his indoor and outdoor tomato plants!

Get Your Own Small Greenhouse!

You can start the adventure today of cultivating your favorite vegetables or plants by investing in a small, effective, and durable greenhouse. When you partner with a small greenhouse from us at Countryside Sheds, you are receiving a Greenhouse Magazine approved, diffused lighting panels built into the south side of your plant haven to promote better growth. Plus, it is already pre-built and ready for immediate use.
Check out these splendid, small greenhouses for yourself and own a protective space for your indoor gardening adventure!

Remember, you were designed to create, to conqueror, and to cultivate. You got this!

Customize Your Very Own Greenhouse

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