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3 Smart Reasons to Prefer a Prebuilt Shed

If you’ve decided that you need a shed on your property, you’re probably looking around for your options. If you’re new to the world of sheds, you may have thought that you need to hire a contractor to build one for you. If you’re a thrifty person, you’ve probably considered building one yourself. While these options are available if you want them, there’s good reason to go with the tried and true, Prebuilt shed. What is a Prebuilt shed?

A Prebuilt shed is a small (or relatively large) structure that was designed and built in a manufacturing facility, to be delivered in a complete form to your property. Prebuilt sheds contrast with sheds built on-site as well as sheds that are delivered in a kit-form. Here at Countryside Sheds, we offer sheds built-on-site, as well as shed kits as an option for all our customers, but follow with us as we explain why a Prebuilt is probably your best shed.

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Reason #1: No Mess

Construction projects are fantastic when they’re finished, but getting there can be mess. Literally. Even a small shed project is sure to create lots of sawdust, tools in disarray, and material clutter until your project is complete. If you hire our contractors to build a shed on-site, they’ll work hard to clean up after themselves,
but let’s be honest… there’s nothing quite as tidy as keeping the builders in a building and delivering a completed shed to your property.
For the ultimate cleanliness of your property and your shed, choose a Prebuilt shed

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Reason #2: No Fuss

You may choose to build a shed from scratch yourself, and it’s very doable. Building a shed is certainly not on the level of a major building project, like a house or barn, but that’s not to say that it’s incredibly easy. For one, you’ll need to decide how and where you’ll source your building materials. You’ll also need to make sure that you have all the necessary tools. And do you have time to evaluate the various levels of lumber, siding, flooring, windows, vents, and other options that are available? All of these considerations have a big effect on your satisfaction both in your building project as well as with the finished product.

For a shed that’s sure to satisfy you for years to come, we recommend that you choose to partner with a shed builder that understands the industry, the options, and the craft. Let us help you get the shed you need for your property, and take the fuss out of it.
Even if you’re minded to hire a contractor to build a shed for you, they may or may not understand the specifics of shed building, and there will be many consideration on how flimsy or tough you’d like to go with your shed budget. A Prebuilt shed manufacture eliminates all this hassle by presenting tried and true packaged recipes that contain exactly what’s needed for each type of shed.

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Reason #3: More bang for your buck

Prebuilt sheds don’t just eliminate the hassle and mess of building a shed, they deliver far more for the money you spend. Of all the reasons to go with a Prebuilt shed, this one is the clincher.
Think about it… in our shed manufacturing facility, we’ve built everything from the ground-up to fit an efficient shed building process. Our skilled craftsmen are surrounded by the tools they need as each building moves through the manufacturing process. The efficiency of our process means that you can get even an extremely custom building manufactured to your liking for a fraction of what it would cost to hire a contractor or build it yourself.

We can build and deliver Prebuilt sheds up to 14 feet wide and 24 feet long to your property. With this kind of capacity, you’re looking at an incredible opportunity. You still get to purchase the exact shed you want, with the size, style, and all the bells and whistles you choose. We build it and deliver it spick, span, and ready to go.
Spend your precious time and money hassling with other options if you must. Or better yet, hire a Prebuilt shed manufacture to build the best shed for the money you’ll spend.

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Bonus Reason! Flexible Financing

When it comes to what you’d love to accomplish versus what you actually can accomplish, money is often the limiting factor. We understand that purchasing a building can feel daunting, even if it’s the best or most obvious choice to improve your life and property. That’s why we’ve partnered with lenders to make the task of financing your purchase as straight forward as possible. There are two routes we offer for financing a Prebuilt shed from the Countryside:

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Rent to Own Prebuilt Sheds

Rent-to-own is a popular option among Prebuilt shed buyers, for many reasons. Because this option is a rental, you are not tied down into a contract that will bind you financially if you get into a pinch. You can rent the building you need from us and return it at any time. Someone else will be sure to get good use from it!

Conversely, though it’s more of a rental versus a conventional loan, that doesn’t mean you’ll be paying for your shed forever. After three years of affordable payments, our agreement is satisfied and you own your shed.

Because there’s no credit check required for our rent-to-own sheds, you’re preapproved for financing your shed purchase through this program.

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Prebuilt Shed Financing

If you know you want to own a shed and can commit to paying it off, a conventional loan is a more affordable route for financing your shed versus a rent-to-own arrangement. You can apply for a loan through your local bank, or work through the financing agency we have available. Your credit history will affect your eligibility and rates for this type of loan.

To learn more about financing a Prebuilt shed, visit our financing page.

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Prebuilt Sheds and More

You want a storage shed, we’re here to build it for you. We’ve had the deep privilege of building local Oregon and Washington sheds in the Wallowa area for the last 20 years. Out of that time and experience, we’ve created a wide array of shed styles and options you can choose from for your Prebuilt shed building. Visit our shed styles page to choose your next shed.

We’re not limited to building sheds though, if your need is more along the lines of a garage, cabin, greenhouse, or livestock shelter, we’ve got you covered there too. Many of our happy customers buy multiple buildings from us. You too?

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