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Small to Large: How to Maximize Your 8×8 Shed

8x8 Shed in Backyard

We all love things. Sometimes, we can love things a little too much. That moment you go to put that new collectible, book, or plant on the shelve and realize, “Uh oh! I’m all out of room…”

This problem isn’t new and sometimes we let ourselves get out of hand. How many boxes of Christmas decorations do you have stocked away in the shed? It’s ok, we won’t tell 😜. When it comes to storing our passions, we sometimes need to get creative.

So how do we maximize our small spaces to ensure everything fits? We’re going to teach you how to utilize a simple 8×8 shed to fit all your storage needs!

8×8 Shed: The Challenges

First step is understanding the problem at hand. You have an 8×8 shed. What do you have that needs to be stored inside it?

Being on the smaller side, an 8×8 shed has what appears to be some “downsides” to it. Its limited space makes one think instantly, “It’s not big enough to store all the ceramic pumpkins from fall next to the giant candy canes from the holidays.” Yet, it’s compact size allows the owner the ability squeeze it in to almost any space while unlocking a world of storage possibilities.

It’s not a matter of “not having enough space,” it’s about not unlocking the shed’s full potential. Let’s look at some storage solutions, ways to maximize your space, and even alternative ways to use the space of a compact 8×8 shed.

Storage Solutions for 8×8 Shed

1. Stackable Containers

Plastic Stackable Drawers

A simple easy way to best maximize the space in a small garden shed is via stackable containers.

These convenient containers are a must for anyone looking to give those holiday decorations a home and not have those ever-annoying plastic holiday ball cylinders falling over everywhere and shattering the contents. Not only do they provide a safer way of storing to ensure your things remain undamaged, they also are a better use of the space, allowing you to fit more into your 8×8 shed.

Container options include styles that stack into a shelf-like structure creating a “grab-and-go” concept. Covered bin options are available as well creating a more airtight storage option and keeping unwanted moisture, bugs, or scents off your items. While storing stuff in containers inside is common, bringing these kinds of items into your storage strategies for your 8×8 shed outside, will do wonders. Short wide piles can now be stored in a single stack of bins, with room to put additional stuff on top.

When dealing with a tighter space, like an 8×8 shed, it’s all about organization and compact, “smart” storage. Ask yourself the question, “How can I put this in here, while taking up the smallest amount of space possible?” Don’t worry, we’re not just going to pose the question, we have some solutions for you as well! Here are three ideas to help you tackle your storage problems.

2. Layering Storage

Inside of Box

So, this next tip is a quirky one and will come intuitively to those that enjoy organizing and sorting. We are referring to the art of layering your storage. Think of the traditional Matryoshka doll, or “nesting doll” found in almost every grandparent’s house. In short, if you only have a small amount of space, put things inside of other things!

Do you have a lot of baskets to put away until next spring or fall? Put smaller ones inside the bigger ones and repeat. An extra trashcan can be the perfect oversized container to store large buckets, hockey sticks, baseball bats, fishing rods, and more. Utilizing the stuff, you currently need to store, to store other things, will stretch your 8×8 shed to fit more than you thought possible.

3. Downsizing

Man Carrying Box of Stuff

Well, that leaves just the last option. There is a chance that maybe we’re just hanging out to too much stuff. 🤷‍♂️

Life throws many things our way and sometimes we have to downsize to adapt into our new environment. While an 8×8 shed can be stretched to fit a large quantity of items, a 10×10 couch just isn’t possible. Don’t fret, the answer doesn’t have to be “just throw it away!”

Some things hold sentimental value and others we simply love. If you’re in a position where you have to say goodbye to beloved pieces, host a yard sale or fundraiser using your cherished items as the product, or drop off the extra items to a local non-profit/reuse-it store to share the blessings with someone new!

Maximize Your 8×8 Shed Space

So, you installed your 8×8 shed, have your bins and storage containers, what more can you do to ensure you’ve maximized your small garden shed’s storage capacity? Let’s take a look!

1. 8×8 Shed Shelving Ideas

Another great way to turn your compact 8×8 shed into a spacious environment is getting things off the floor. Now that we stated a “duh” moment, how do we do that? Utilizing your 8×8 shed’s walls is the perfect way to create more usable storage space. Here are some Shed Shelving Ideas:

Traditional Shelving

Wooden Shed Shelving

Building traditional shelving onto the walls of your shed or purchasing removable shelving to put inside can transform your storage capacity.

Elevate those bins, baskets, containers and more. Safely store your things from floor to ceiling and still have room to wheel in your mower, bikes, and more. Shed shelving is a must for smaller garden sheds like an 8×8 shed, but they also grant larger sheds more organization and flexibility to create a unique space.

Peg Board Walls

Tools Hanging on Beg Board

Another great way to transfer things to the walls of your 8×8 shed is the use of peg boards.

Peg boards are extremely versatile and allow you to hang up tools, hoses, brooms, and more. Basically, if it has a loop or hook, a peg board will be able to assist. This classic wall is often used to hang the most used tools at a workshop. We’ve all seen the fun tool outlines on a workbench and the satisfying feeling when the missing tool gets hung back up. Peg boards create this flexibility and allow the wall to be reworked for the addition of new tools or shelving.

Tool Hooks

Rake & Shovel Hanging on Wall

Another common and budget friendly option for your 8×8 shed storing options are tool hooks. Turn an inside wall into a grab-and-go stop by hanging your rakes, hoes, hammers, hoses, and more on hooks. This easy to install and simple to use method is both convenient and satisfying to look at.

2. 8×8 Shed Lofts

Wood Loft

When it comes to the best use of space in a small garden shed, nothing does quite as much heavy lifting as a shed loft.

Shed lofts can be installed at the time the 8×8 shed was constructed, or it can be added in after the fact. While it may seem obvious, it’s important to note that a loft turns that often unused space high up, into a prime storage location. Pack away the holiday wreaths, Christmas tree, volleyball net, and more. Lofts can also be customized to run the length or width of the shed to best fit your storage needs.

3. 8×8 Shed Add-Ons

Garden Tools Hanging on Shed

The last option we’ll talk about is how to utilize the outside of your shed as well! Your 8×8 shed can be used for more than its inside storage capacity. Storage boxes, hose racks, tool hooks, and more can be added to the outside of the shed to expand its usage without the need of a bigger footprint.

Attached a garden box on the side to keep your watering can, weeding trowel, or gloves in for easy access. Wrap the hose up with a convenient hose wrack and avoid tripping over a wet hose every time you try and put it away inside. When in doubt, look around and see what your opportunities are on the outside of your 8×8 shed as well!

More Than An 8×8 Shed

We would be doing the 8×8 shed a disservice if we didn’t talk about the fact it can be used for more than simple storage.

Always wished you had a place to retreat to? Looking to build an at home gym, but don’t have an extra room? How about launching a small art business and need a studio? Yeah, an 8×8 shed can do all that! We have seen many of our clients turn their Countryside Shed into something beautiful.

Here are some ideas for your small garden shed that doesn’t involve gardening. 😜

At Home Gym

Woman Working Out In Garage

Start working towards your fitness goals and transform an 8×8 shed into a home gym. With a few small additions, you can create an ideal workout space. The shed’s natural structure allow it to easily adapt to weight racks, foam padding, or bolted down machinery. Turn your new shed into the gym you’ve always wanted!

He/She Shed

Open Shed with Chair Inside

Whether it’s a space to escape to, embrace your hobbies, or simply call your own, an 8×8 shed can be the perfect he/she shed for any guy or girl. Create a crafting room or art studio. Build an outdoor bar or lounge. Have fun, go wild, but most importantly, be you!

Motorcycle Storage

Motorcycle in Garage

Garages are a luxury we can’t always have. Winter months can bring harsh temperatures and damaging weather. An 8×8 shed can easily be converted into a mini garage for your motorcycles, dirt bikes, mountain bikes, and more. Store your ride safely and ensure it’s ready to go when the warmer weather peaks its head out again next year!

But this is only the beginning. You’re 8×8 shed is only as limited as you are. Create a space that reflects you, your passions, and your hobbies. Customize, renovate, and go all out with your shed and take your small garden shed to the next level!

8×8 Sheds In Stock…

Summing Up Your 8×8 Shed

So, whether it’s limited space, excess storage, a motorcycle garage, or anything in-between, you now know how to utilize your compact 8×8 shed in the most efficient manner. Get creative, have fun, and start maximizing your life with your very own storage shed. Looking to buy? We’d love to help! Get your free quote or design your own custom 8×8 shed with our online 3D Builder below. The possibilities are endless. What will you create?

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