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Storage Sheds in Oregon and Washington

Below are the common designs of storage sheds and outdoor storage solutions we provide. You’ll find many of these style sheds prebuilt and ready-to-go at any of our storage shed lots located across NE Oregon and SE Washington. You can custom order your own by giving us us a call or submit your order for a free quote online. Find the style that fits you with either a quaker shed, lean to shed, gable shed, and many more designs available!

Bring the iconic barn to your backyard with a Tall Barn Storage Shed. This shed serves double duty with a massive 8ft loft (or longer) providing extra space to accommodate both short-term and long-term storage. The 6′4″ side walls provide ample space for storage or optional shelving

With its traditional gambrel-style roof and optional “Amish” overhang, this barn sports a real country look that’ll improve the look and pleasure of your life and home for years to come.

View the Tall Barn

If you like the look of the Tall barn but don’t need a huge storage shed, the Mini Barn may be an alternative. The 4′ sidewalls and open-style gambrel roof on this shed are just right for providing plenty of headroom in a tight footprint. While offering the look of our Tall Barn, the Mini Barn is more compact for smaller yards (no loft is included).

You’ll love having your lawnmower, tools and equipment safe but close at hand when you get a Mini Barn shed to improve your property.

View the Mini Barn

Sport your Western identity with a “country style” western barn. This beautiful Western Barn shed provides plenty of space for your outdoor storage, and looks great inside and out.  While not having a loft like our Tall Barns do, there is ample storage area with its two ‘side wings’.

Customized with your own colors and garnished with a cupola and weathervane, you’ll understand why we say this is “More than just a shed!”

View The Western Barn

Solve your outdoor storage needs quick and simple with a gable storage shed. This A-shaped roof design on the Gable shed is our most economical and popular style boasting a broad-range of options and sizes.

Either pre-built or purchased as a shed kit, this shed provides a lot of economical storage to meet your needs.

View the Gable Shed

The single sloping roof of this lean-to building provides a smart design for a backyard office, additional storage, or portable workspace.  As a stand alone or butted up to an existing building, this style building offers either a flat ceiling or rafter-style ceiling.  Add taller sloped roof and windows for a striking modern look.

This is the design where storage sheds originated, and will live on for years to come.

View the Lean-To Shed

The Quaker-style storage shed is a go-to solution for providing plenty of storage room in a small area, with a modern, attractive design.  The offset style roof design on this shed defines itself by having a significantly larger front overhang over the door and windows.  The “eave” side door (and optional windows and fixed shutters) give this building a unique custom look over conventional sheds.

If you want a shed that’s wider than long, the Quaker shed is your friend!

View The Quaker Shed

Do you have something really unique in mind for your custom building, that’s different from any of the other designs above? That’s great, because we love to build custom buildings. Whether it’s a unusual size, a different roof design, a unique set of windows, or more, we’ve got you covered.

If you can think it, we can usually build it at Countryside Sheds!

Custom Buildings