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Do Chickens Really Need A Coop?

Onur Aydin - December 13, 2023

Has the craze for owning your very own backyard chickens wooed you to this point? Or have you always had a desire to feel the empowerment of raising your own food? Either way, the topic of chickens inevitably coincides with another topic…Chicken COOPS!

Do Chickens Really Need A Coop

Do Chickens Really Need a Coop?!?

Part of the journey to purchasing chickens is thinking about their care. A common question is, “do chickens really need a chicken coop?” Can’t you just “throw them” into a country or fenced-in backyard, and whalaa…they roam free! Isn’t that a thing? Cage-free eggs?

Consider this…do birds need a birdhouse? Chickens behave similarly to any wild bird. Chickens are not solely dependent on chicken coops; however, they will gladly use them, especially for weather protection and a safe place to sleep, which ultimately improves their health, happiness, and overall productivity. So yes, chickens do really need a coop! 

Check out The Importance of a Chicken Coop to further confirm you are on the right track for your feathery fowl!

We Just “Scratched” the Surface!

Let’s dig deeper, though, to fully grasp the importance of chicken coops and the vital role they play in your chickens’ lives. Here are a few other common questions surrounding the question of, “Do Chickens Really Need a Coop”. They all connect, so let’s get to it!

Do chickens and roosters need a coop

How to Keep Your Chickens Warm in Winter?

You may think, wow, the expenses are piling up…chickens…a chicken coop…AND if you live where winters are harsh, you may worry about this possibility, do I need to provide electrical heating for my chickens too?

Before you start “sweating” over possible future electric bills, check out the answer to how to keep your chickens warm in the winter!

If you want to keep your chickens warm all winter, the answer is simple, invest in a high-quality and reliably built chicken coop. IF your chicken coop is built solid, has a proper ventilation system in place, coupled with sufficient bedding and roosting places, you can bypass paying for heating even during extremely cold winters.

Learn more about how a properly built chicken coop, along with simple, cheap, and precautionary moves made by you, can ensure a healthier and happier chicken. Yes, even a happier chicken than one who lives in a heated chicken coop.

Check out, How to Keep Chickens Warm in the Winter Without Electricity and How to Keep Chickens Warm in the Winter.

How to Build A Chicken Coop?

Now that the importance of a chicken coop has been established (plus how it can actually save you money), you may also wonder how to build a chicken coop. Can building your own chicken coop save you even more money?

So, to answer the question of how to build a chicken coop. You’ll have three basic options to choose from. One, you can hire a handyman or builder to come and build you a coop. Two, you can build your own DIY chicken coop. Or third, you can purchase a prebuilt chicken coop from a local shed builder.

1. Hire a Contractor to Build You a Coop

While this may seem like the most logical and easy solution, it will probably be fairly costly. You will be paying for a professional’s time, plus material with a markup. All that said, if you have a more complicated chicken coop design idea, this might be a good option, otherwise, consider one of the remaining options.

2. Build your own DIY Chicken Coop

To go DIY, you will need anywhere from basic carpentry skills to more advanced carpentry skills depending upon the intricacy of your desired chicken coop.

You can save money by going the DIY route if you already have some construction experience and access to basic tools and equipment, but time can quickly cut into your margins if all you’re looking to do is save some cash. So before diving head first into your chicken coop construction, you should probably consider the following…

Check out How to Build a Chicken Coop, by the Modern Farmer to get more of an idea of what going DIY will involve.

3. Purchase a Prebuilt Chicken Coop from a Local Shed Manufacturer

If you want to avoid the fuss of building your chicken coop by scratch or the stress of trying to hire a private contractor to build one for you (which is not cheaper than DIY), consider a third option to how to build a chicken coop.

To avoid the stress of figuring out ALL the details of DIY, save yourself time, and especially if you do not have carpentry training, a prebuilt chicken coop is probably the best option for you! Prefab chicken coops from Countryside Sheds offer you a high-qualityaffordable, and, of course, chicken-friendly space without the hassle of construction at your home.

No stress, no work, and no doubts about how to build your chicken coop! Prefab chicken coops from a reliable shed company will provide your chickens with a sturdy, safe, and comfortable home for years to come.

HPIM2573 Edit copy

What Size Chicken Coop Would Be the Best Option for Your Needs?

A common, very common question, and often regret, is knowing the right size for your chicken coop. “We should have gotten a larger one!” This is the most common phrase associated with the question of what size chicken coop would be the best option for your needs. In other words, factor in the number of chickens you plan to buy, plus any future chickens (remember chicks do not stay chicks for long!). Once you nail down your future targeted number of chickens, purchase the proper chicken coop size according to that number. Note, it is always safer to an error on the side of too big rather than too little. Remember, chickens need their space! Literally.

Here is an idea of how many regular-sized chickens you can fit into the following popular chicken coop sizes from Countryside Sheds. These numbers are considering your chickens will spend a good portion of their day outside in the chicken run.

Chickens in a coop

How Many Chickens Can Fit in A Chicken Coop?

8×8 chicken coop16 chickens
8×10 Chicken Coop20 chickens
8×12 Chicken Coop24 chickens
10×12 Chicken Coop30 chickens

For further guidance for determining the right chicken coop size, check out, How Big Should a Chicken Coop Be?

Hear the from a previous Countryside customer on her Countryside chicken coop and her only complaint…

“We did purchase a chicken coop from Countryside sheds and we could not be more happy with it. Except for the usual complaint of “We should have gotten a larger one, LOL”

We chose Countryside Sheds after comparing several options, first your pricing was very comparable per square foot but what really sold me was being able to see your shed quality in person. The soundness and quality well surpassed any of the comparable styles of sheds we looked at, promptness of delivery as well and the professionalism of the young man who delivered our shed was very impressive so much so that here we are almost a year later and are looking into purchasing another structure from you!

Back to the same old question………..”How large of a shed shall we get, LOL”

We’ll be contacting you soon I am sure, Thank you again!”

Loree H.
February 5, 2019


Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Chicken Coops

Q: How to Get A Free Quote for A Chicken Coop?
A: If you wish to know the cost of your idealized chicken coop size, it is a simple and straightforward process. Simply fill out the quote form below, and the team at Countryside Sheds will respond within a few days. Quote Form

Q: Does Countryside Sheds Service My Location?
A: Countryside Sheds builds chicken coops and delivers them all over Oregon and SE Washington. We are willing to drive 3+ hours out from our main manufacturing site to your home, however, contact us for an estimate on our far-distance delivery fee. Check out “Areas We Serve” as well as our Delivery Page for more details on specific locations.

Q: Does Countryside Sheds Offer Financing?
A: We offer the option of Rent-To-Own, which allows you to make low monthly payments for up to 60 months. Learn more about our financing option by checking out our Financing/RTO page.

Q: Do I Need Permit for Chicken Coop?
A: Our chicken coops are stated approved structures, which means you do not have to worry about ensuring if your chicken coop is legal.

Countryside Sheds Has the Right Chicken Coop for You & Your Chickens!

Are you ready to delve into the rewarding adventure of raising backyard chickens!? If so, Countryside Sheds is ready and equipped to empower you to chicken raising success!

As you well know, your chicken’s raising success is due, in part, to the quality and well-designed chicken coop. Countryside Sheds has your chicken’s backs on this one!

Discover your chicken coop right now! You got this!

Outdoor chicken coop
photo credit: talmage farm

So Now What Will You Do?

🐓 Caring well for your flock of chickens will impact the quality and amount of eggs you get in return. If you want to take that care to the next level, contact Countryside Sheds today to get your chickens the coop they deserve!

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