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Storage Shed Kits in Oregon

Build your own structure with a local wood shed kit.

If you’re willing to put a bit of work into getting a top-notch shed at a killer deal, then you’ll want to consider a storage shed kit from Countryside Sheds. Most of the buildings we’ve designed are available in a kit form, so you can have the building you want, and can make it yourself, at a price you’ll love.

We price our kits for local pick-up from our shop facility (Island City, Oregon). The customer is responsible for picking up the material. We can also deliver a kit; however, we charge a nominal delivery and kit handling fee for kit package delivery, plus any additional sales tax, as applicable.

If you aren’t comfortable building a shed yourself, an affordable alternative to either a shed kit or outright purchase is our rent-to-own shed financing options (shed kits are not available as rent-to-own). Our convenient online quote form is available for pricing either shed kit or rent-to-own building options.

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The following is included with every kit:

NOTE: Only the Wood Siding comes with Pre-Cut exterior siding.

We even mark the top and bottom plates where the studs go, build the headers and cripples for you, build the vents and doors. We even color code the wall and floor framing material so you will know what goes with what.

Is a Shed Kit a Good Fit for You?

Kits are fantastic for saving money (compared to a prefab shed), and time (compared to building from scratch). However, basic construction experience and knowledge are required. Our shed kits come with all the necessary pieces to build the structure of your choice, but not everything is pre-cut. You will still need to do some cutting and figuring out how things go together. The kit instructions are good if you are familiar with construction but are definitely not entry-level instructions. In order to make good use of our kit offering, you should be comfortable with operating your own router, skil saw, Sawzall, a nail gun, and some patience.

If you experience issues with your shed kit, please reach out to us—we’ll do our best to fix anything that we’ve messed upon. We certainly want you to be satisfied with your kit from Countryside and we’re thrilled to offer this to time and money-saving products to our customers, wherever it’s a good fit!



If you like to build, you’re a great candidate for a shed kit.

Each kit includes an illustrated Kit Assembly Instructions, it is understood that the purchaser has the general construction knowledge of proper building techniques. In other words, the guide does not provide an exact step-by-step detailed level of information—as in assembling a bookcase kit or desk unit kit you may get from a retail store.

Additional cutout sheets will be provided showing the same cut list used in the shop in cutting out your kit (roof sheeting, floor sheeting, siding placement, etc.

Here are a few sample sheets from our Illustrated Kit Assembly Guide:

Country Side Sheds LLC Sample Sheet 1

Sample sheet #1

Country Side Sheds LLC Sample Sheet 2

Sample sheet #2

Country Side Sheds LLC Sample Sheet 3

Sample sheet #3