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A Dream Job Empowered By the Space of a New Shed

Bryan Pearson’s Shed Story

Bryan Pearson enjoys paramotoring and podcasting with his equally passionate best friends. His interest first began back in 2016 when he realized how much he enjoyed teaching others to make their first successful paragliding flight.

Everything was “smooth sailing” until he realized that his once tidy and organized garage was filling up with more and more of his hobby’s equipment and supplies. Understandably, his wife was not thrilled with the loss of her orderly garage space 😊.

Now more than ever Bryan needed a mini shop (man shed) where he could store, organize, and maintain his equipment to facilitate his paramotoring passion.

Discover Bryan’s Story


Bryan’s Flying Paragliders Experience

Bryan and his best friend’s paramotoring journey began in 2016. His friend went to a week-long training course which sparked the idea of creating social media videos, pictures, and educational assets for others to gain inspiration for paramotoring. Bryan has always enjoyed teaching and that is why his greatest passion lingered with teaching others how to successfully paraglide. He went to Indiana to take some courses from the paragliding experts and made his own successful first flights before he began teaching others. Ever since he has spent most of his time in and around La Grande and Baker developing into a paragliding instructor expert.

Becoming an Instructor

Here are Bryan’s own words about how he became an instructor:

“After a couple of years of flying powered paragliders, I decided that to keep myself progressing and to also set a lofty goal for myself I would work towards my USPPA instructor certification and eventually set up a little paramotor school here in La Grande. I went back to Indiana to continue my training and learn to be a powered paraglider instructor. I learned a ton and eventually became certified to instruct out on my own.  It is absolutely one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done. That excitement and joy after someone completes their first flight is addictive. Being able to assist people to accomplish a lifelong goal of the flight is something you never forget.”

After becoming a successful instructor in the paramotoring industry, he decided to support his very close friend, Anthony Vella, with his podcast about powered paragliding. Bryan assisted Anthony with the technical parts of the podcasting process and first joined the show as a guest. They have talked about everything that covers paragliding and paramotor such as training, equipment, safety, and industry interviews. Visit their podcast channel about paragliding and paramotors at

How did Bryan decide to Buy a Shed from Countryside Sheds?

“As I think many folks reading this will understand, my wife wasn’t that excited with the prospect of my ever-expanding hobby equipment creeping into our day to day life. Our garage that was at one time clean and organized, was quickly overrun with paramotors and paragliders, helmets, and radios. We had a little extra space at the back of our property, so I broke out the tape measure and started daydreaming about my own man-shed.

Countryside sheds happened to be just down the road from me, so it was a quick stop by the office to do some further research and get the plans solidified in my mind.”

Unorganized messy garage before he purchased a shed in Island City and La Grande

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Bryan’s Experience with Countryside Sheds

“The experience with Countryside was a breeze. Once I had the rough dimensions that I needed, I stopped by the office and the folks there helped me narrow down and explain all the options. After I had a good idea of what I needed the order was placed and after a short wait our new shed was ready!”

Preparing the Site for Delivery

“To prepare the property we had a local landscaping company come in and create a packed and leveled gravel area for the shed. Once they had that work done, we were shed-ready :)”

“Typical Shed”—Transformed into a Workshop!

“For my shed, because I wanted to do some of the work myself, I simply ordered the basic shell, along with an insulated floor. My dad was in construction and I needed a good winter project anyway, so I did not mind hanging insulation or interior walls. Additionally, it allowed me to customize things myself, like power outlet locations, wall materials, ceiling anchors, etc.

I put a few coats of paint on the walls and used some grey shop paint on the floor. I built and painted some simple cabinets, dropped on some melamine counter tops, threw up some storage shelving, installed some simple LED lighting (there’s nothing worse than a dark workshop), and I was ready to start moving gear in!”

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