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Our home office and shed shop are moving to a new location!

the future home of countryside sheds sign

Growth and change comprise so much of our lives, and as a shed company with inception in 1995, we claim no exception. We’ve felt the need for a better location to display our buildings, serve our clients, and keep up with the demand for Countryside Sheds. To meet these needs, we’re moving to a new location.

Old Location

10102 S McAlister Rd
Island City, OR 97850

New Location

10505 N McAlister Rd
Island City, OR 97850

We’re super excited about the progress that’s being made on the new location, and the opportunities it will afford. We’re especially looking forward to a new and modernized office space for meeting with customers, an upgraded shop providing many new capacities, and a much larger display area to showcase the solutions we deliver.

We have the privilege of working with Martin’s General Construction for the manufacturing of the new facility, and they’re making speedy headway on the project. The new shop is complete, and the new office is well underway. We’re hoping to move towards the end of spring. Here are a few pictures of the progress that’s being made, for your enjoyment:

footer being prepared for new shed shop in legrande oregon

The finished shop, behind the foundation for the new office.

office building raising of new shed location in legrande oregon

Filling the forms in the new office walls.

concrete floors poured on new shed shop office

This is no portable building—concrete walls mean we're here to stay!

ceiling trusses being raised on shed company roof

The new office beginning to take shape, with trusses in place.

new office construction progress for northeast oregon shed shop

With the roof on, it's starting to look like a building!

new office roof top and construction with shed shop in the background

Notice the number of large windows to make this a well lit office space!

oregon shed shop office building coming together

The porch adds a nice touch to the building complex.

future home of countryside shed company in oregon

The shop and office are joined tightly together to represent our dedication to meet, build, and deliver to your expectations!

This move is certainly a big deal, but rest assured, we won’t allow it to interrupt our delivery of quality storage sheds and other structures. If you’re looking to a new solution to a storage dilemma, or need a new structure to enable your enterprise, we’re here for you! Before, during, and after our move! To each of our past customers, thank-you so much for your support and confidence throughout the years—we couldn’t have made it here without you. The trust and enthusiasm from each of you is what has made this journey worthwhile and continues to fuel us on.

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