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Portable Garages in Washington and Oregon

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Improve the Life of You and Your Car

The Standard Features of our Prefab Garages

  • Reinforced Floor
  • 8′ × 7′ Garage Door
  • Pressure Treated Slopping Door Sill
  • 30″ Side Door
  • Custom Gable Vents.

Reasons to Buy a Portable Garage

Your vehicles are a significant investment. You can′t afford to let them out in the weather. Not only will your car or motorcycle stay cleaner and last longer with a bit of protection in a portable garage, but you′ll really enjoy the extra time you spend indoors or with family instead of cleaning snow off your car in the winter.

Speaking on investment, a portable garage provides a significant opportunity to protect your equipment and vehicles PLUS add the extra outdoor storage you′ve wanted, in a single, cost-effective purchase. Purchasing in flexible with our shed financing and rent-to-own options. We offer a discounted cash price. Up To 60 Months easy payment plans are available.

If you are are searching for a smaller building, check out our storage sheds.

Turn your prefab garage into a mini-workshop!

There are tons of ways to use a portable garage in your backyard. One Car Garage, Storage, Man Cave, She Shed, Play House, Office, Studio, and a Mini-Workshop!

A portable garage’s advantage is to have your free space that is ready to be used for many different reasons. If you are looking forward to creating a getaway zone from life’s stress in a way that will become an investment, you might consider choosing a prefab garage.

While you are enjoying your free time at your mini-workshop, your new prefab garage will increase your property’s value!

Features of all our Storage Buildings

  • Full 2×4″ Construction
  • 16″ O.C. Stud Spacing, Double Top Plates
  • Sturdy 4×4″ Pressure-Treated Runners
  • All Plywood Interior: Solid 3/4″ Flooring, 7/16″ Roof Sheeting
  • 15/32″ Roseburg Duratemp Textured Plywood Siding
  • Full 2×4″ Trusses
  • 30-Year Architectural Shingles (Other Roofing Options Available)
  • Screened Gable Vents
  • Self-Latching Hand-Crafted 43″ Wide Door
  • Soffit And Fascia Trim
  • Primed And Caulked
  • Pre-Built Ready To Use!
Building Features

Upgrades for your Portable Garage


  • 9′ Garage Door
  • 36″ Metal Side Door
  • Cement Board Siding
  • Metal Gable Vents
  • Metal Roof
  • Custom Paint

Questions and Answers

Does the standard portable garage come painted?

Our standard pricing is factory primed and caulked along the vital areas (around the door, vents, eaves, etc.) and is ready to paint. We use DURATEMP© plywood siding that comes pre-primed with exterior latex primer. The manufacturer recommends a quality topcoat of exterior paint be applied. Do not use vinyl acrylic exterior paint.

You can opt for custom painting as an upgrade option on any building. Your portable garage will be painted with professional paint sprayers and brushes. We can custom match paint to almost everything. Please let us know at the time you place your order for a price quote. Some stock buildings may be painted already.

How tall is the portable garage?

Measurements listed are taken from the top of the ridge cap of the roof to the bottom of the floor runners sitting on the ground. Your final height depends on the elevation of the blocks used on the runners.

Garage Height:

  • 8′ wide = 9′ 9″ tall
  • 10′ wide = 10′ 10″ tall (11′ 10″ with a 7/12 pitch roof)
  • 12′ wide = 11′ 4″ tall
  • 14′ wide = 11′ 8″ tall

What is the weight of a prefab garage?

A: This varies by a number of factors. But a few sizes are listed below for a “ball park” reference:

  • 10′×16′ Prefab Garage = 3850 pounds
  • 10′×20′ Prefab Garage = 3780 pounds
  • 12′×20′ Prefab Garage = 4420 pounds

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