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Sheds for Sale in Pendleton Oregon

Pendleton Display Lot

Display Lot (Un-manned Location)

If you're looking for a storage shed in Pendleton Oregon, look to your local, dedicated shed builders at Countryside. You can view the sheds we have for display in Pendleton right across from the Walker's Furniture.

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Pendleton Storage Display Lot

If you’re a Pendleton local, you have reason to be proud of the heritage and history in this area. The Pendleton roundup is a famous world-over and started in 1909. Did you also know that Pendleton has one of the oldest businesses in Oregon? The Pendleton Woolen Mills opened is only 1900’s they are family-owned and operated for more than 6 generations. We at Countryside sheds are also family-owned and we build high-quality structures for the future of Pendleton!

If you’re looking for a portable building in Pendleton, OR. We offer an array of Storage Buildings, Sheds, Garages, a Greenhouse, Cabins, and Livestock Shelters. We have a wide range of styles and sizes. If you don’t want to spend a chunk of money upfront right away. Then you have the Rent- to own option. Choose what’s better for you and let us know.

Our lot in Pendleton is a display lot. No salesperson is typically available onsite. This lot provides a great opportunity to view our sheds up close and in person. We believe you can feel the difference when you walk into Countryside buildings, which is why we’ve given Pendleton residents an opportunity to see our shed construction for themselves. 

Where is the Pendleton Storage Sheds Lot? 

Our lot in Pendleton is located on the South West of Pendleton Oregon. Right on the Interstate of US-395 Southgate and US-84 Vietnam Veterans Memorial Hwy.

If you coming from the south alway from Ukiah it takes US-395 N and you will stay on it for 47.4 miles passing the Pilot Rock, Mackay Creek on your right we suggest stopping there for a nice picnic on the weekend if you have the time. You will also pass through Green Meadows until  continue straight into SW Emigrant ave. then turn left on SW 20th ST and the lot will be on the left-hand side in Toms car

Note: if you live further south than Ukiah then check out our lot in John Day.

We try to make it easy. That’s why we have multiple lots throughout the North-East of Oregon. We have another lot north of Pendleton in Milton Freewater, OR. If you live in Athena Milton Freewater will be closer to you and if you live in Adams town Pendleton will be closer to you. If you live between Hermiston and Pendleton we recommend going to the Hermiston lot because there is a storage building sale rep at Bonney’s Ag & Auto Repair who can help you with your portable building project.

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