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Sheds for Sale in Baker City, Oregon

Miller’s Truss & Lumber

Display Lot (Un-manned Location)

Do you love living in the Queen City of Eastern Oregon? Perhaps this is old news, but your little city used to claim just as prestigious a spot as Portland or Salem. Did you know that your very own Baker City was known as the “Queen City of the Inland Empire”? Is that cool or what? Yes, Baker City was quite the hotspot from the late 1800- early 20th century. Nowadays, you know its still a hotspot for “royal” experiences like Baker Heritage Museum (Proof!) and the Miller’s Lumber and Truss. At Countryside Sheds, we build sheds worthy of the splendor of Baker City. Our family-run business high-quality sheds served with high-quality customer service to all the wonderful locals of Baker City, Oregon, and we offer you a chance to check them out at a local favorite, Miller’s Lumber and Truss.

If you’re a resident of Baker City and searching for storage buildings for sale in Baker City, OR, Countryside Sheds is your destination. We have an unmanned display lot in Baker City, enabling you to view our buildings before making a purchase. From storage sheds to chicken coops, we offer a wide range of options. Whether you aim to organize your backyard with a storage shed or enhance your gardening experience with a greenhouse, we have what you need. Visit our display lot at Miller’s Truss & Lumber.

Storage Buildings For Sale In Baker City

portable buildings for sale in baker city

If you’re seeking more than just sheds, we offer a variety of portable storage buildings for sale in Baker City. From cabin shells to horse shelters, we have any prefab building you might need for your backyard. While you may not see all the buildings available at our display lot at Miller’s Truss & Lumber, you can check below to view all the structures we construct and deliver to your Baker City backyard.

Sheds For Sale in Baker City

sheds for sale in baker city

Are you in need of more storage space or seeking a personal sanctuary? Whether you seek a shed for organizing belongings or a man-cave shed for relaxation and creative activities, our prefab sheds come in various styles to cater to your specific needs. Moreover, we provide custom shed options and specialty storage buildings!

Garages For Sale in Baker City

portable garages for sale in baker city

Are you looking for an economical way to protect your vehicles from severe weather in Baker City, Oregon? Check out Countryside Sheds’ prefabricated garages. Our portable garages come in different sizes, colors, siding, and roofing materials to match your needs. Whether you require a garage for one car or a larger one for three or four cars, we have the solution you’re looking for. Explore our range of prefab garages today!

Horse Barns For Sale in Baker City

horse barns for sale in baker city

Are you searching for horse shelters in Baker City, OR? Explore our range of portable animal shelters. Built by experienced craftsmen with over twenty years of shed building expertise, our prefab horse barns ensure top-quality standards. These barns provide reliable protection for your livestock in tough weather conditions, highlighting our commitment to durability and industry expertise. Explore our variety of prefab horse barns today!

Cabins For Sale in Baker City

prefab cabins for sale in baker city

Are you dreaming of a cabin at your favorite hunting spot or a getaway zone in the woods? If so, a cabin shed is a great way to create yourself a cozy feel of a log cabin. Check out our log cabin sheds, carefully made with top materials and attention to detail. Whether you want a cozy backyard office, a peaceful retreat, or rustic storage space, our sheds fit your varied preferences.

Greenhouses For Sale in Baker City

greenhouses for sale in baker city

Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting out, our range of greenhouses offers the perfect setup for your gardening efforts. Our greenhouses are built with durable materials, ensuring longevity and protection from the elements. Featuring ample ventilation and natural light, these structures create an ideal setting for plant health and growth.

Chicken Coops For Sale in Baker City

chicken coops for sale in baker city

At Countryside Sheds, we provide a variety of chicken coops designed to fit your poultry-raising needs. Our chicken coops are built with functionality and comfort in mind, offering a safe and cozy space for your feathered friends. If you’re looking for durable and weather-resistant, ensuring a secure and comfortable environment for your chickens.

In-Stock Storage Buildings in Baker City

Rent-To-Own Storage Buildings in Baker City

Thinking about buying a storage shed or horse barn? Our rent-to-own sheds program makes it easy. Join our RTO sheds program and become the owner after finishing the payments. The best part? No credit check needed. Explore our Rent-To-Own Sheds page for more details about how the program works.

Countryside Difference


Design your shed online, get a free quote, then let us build and deliver your shed.


Rent to own your shed instead of renting a storage unit across the town and save money.


If you need someone to prepare the site for you, we may be able to help with that as well.


We build our sheds same as a contractor builds a house. Add-ons that fit your needs!

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Directions to Our Main Office

If you want to check out our storage buildings for sale in Baker City and have a chat with one of our shed experts, we invite you to visit our main office in Island City, OR (La Grande). Here is simple direction from 3515 Pocahontas Road, Baker City, OR to Island City, OR 97850 (La Grande) for your convenience. We're looking forward to your visit!

Directions from Walla Walla, WA to Island City, OR 97850 (La Grande):

  1. Head northwest on Pocahontas Road toward 3rd St.
  2. Turn left onto OR-86 W/10th St.
  3. Continue straight onto Washington Ave.
  4. Turn right onto 12th St.
  5. Continue onto Campbell St.
  6. Turn left onto OR-7 W/20th St.
  7. Continue to follow OR-7 W for about 40 miles.
  8. Merge onto I-84 W/US-30 W via the ramp to Pendleton.
  9. Stay on I-84 W/US-30 W for approximately 60 miles.
  10. Take Exit 265 for Island Ave toward La Grande.
  11. Turn left onto Island Ave.
  12. Continue on Island Ave, which will lead you into Island City, merging onto E Adams Ave.
  13. Follow E Adams Ave until you reach La Grande, OR 97850.

Shed Builders In Walla Walla, WA

We're thrilled to help you with your shed purchase! We offer pre-built structures and an Online 3D Shed Designer, allowing you to create a unique custom design for a portable building. For further details about our buildings, feel free to reach out by calling us at 541-663-0246 or using our contact form. If you're prepared with a specific idea, you can receive a free quote or design your building using our Online 3D Shed Designer.

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