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Sheds for Sale in Walla Walla Washington

Klicker's Berry Stand & Antiques

Display Lot (Un-manned Location)

Walla Walla Oregon offers more than onions and wine. If you're looking for Oregon shed builders in southeast Washington, check out the Countryside Sheds display lot at Klicker's Berry Stand & Antiques!


Will you want a sturdy storage room, a special hobby space, or a reliable place to store your garden tools? If so, we’re offering 7 different shed models to pick from! If you want to build your own custom or buy a ready-to-go shed from a storage shed near you, you’ll be sure to find a shed that fits and exceeds your needs.

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Imagine parking your cool-looking car in a delightful and protective room of its own. Say goodbye to weathering loss! Or, how about that, huh? Can you see yourself at your own workshop? If you’re looking for a car garage or a workshop to unlock your talents, our garages offer you a durable, affordable, and desirable solution!

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Are you planning on bringing your hunting skills to a new level? Or do you just want to have a getaway zone where you can shut it all off, relax and enjoy the moment? If so, we will sell our compact cabin sheds to suit your needs! Get a portable cabin shed and deliver it to your favorite place!

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Did growing food in your backyard captivate your interest? Maybe your passion for all green stuff will be tampered with as soon as the winter hits the scene. If you own an insatiable green thumb or a passion for growing vegetables and plants all year round, our greenhouses give you the perfect spot for success in gardening!

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