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The Chicken Coop

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Features of the Mini Barn Shed

This small chicken coop is a giant leap forward in backyard farming.

Features of the Chicken Coop

  • Spaciously sized
  • Separate rooms for nesting and egg-collection
  • Innovative rollaway nesting boxes
  • Optional LuxGuard flooring
  • Optional solar-powered timer automatic chicken door!
  • Optional roosting bars

In-Stock Chicken Coops For Sale

A Coop that’s Not Just For The Birds ?

Our innovative, compact chicken coop isn’t just a storage shed with a hen house door on one side, it’s a turn-key solution for a backyard egg-factory. You and your birds will love this convenient and accommodating structure, including an easy-to-latch chicken door (even an option for a fully automatic solar-powered chicken door complete with a digital programmable timer!) and easy access to both sides of the innovative nesting boxes.

Fresh Clean Eggs.
Fast and Easy.

Are you worried about collecting and cleaning your eggs? You’ll be worried no longer when you see the beauty of our egg-saving Roll-Out nests from Best Nest Box. The nesting box protects your eggs from scavenging chickens and dirt through its unique roll-away design.  The Best Nest Box roll out nest box (also called a rollaway nest box) has a sloped floor which causes eggs to roll away from the hens to a collection area. This roll out feature keeps the eggs clean and unbroken and all in one place for easy collection.

All this means clean, fresh, eggs, always available in your backyard – and clean shoes for you!. Can someone pinch me to make sure I’m not dreaming?

modern rollaway chicken nesting box design 1
egg collecting room in chicken coop

Clean and Simple.

Not only are your eggs more safe and comfortable with the nest box, you and your little egg-collectors are too with this innovative box in combination with our unique and convenient double-room chicken coop.

Collect your eggs in a clean and comfortable room, completely separate from the main nesting area. Three cheers for a convenient, healthy, and family-friendly hen house design!

The Best Nest Box Advantage

From a small family farm in Ohio comes an innovation for backyard family farms everywhere. The Best Nest Box brings all the advantages from best-of-breed industrial engineering to small-scale sustainable farming. Say goodbye to competing with your chickens for fresh clean eggs, with this nesting box that’s designed to make life easier and healthier for you and your flock.

Chicken Door Options:

Manual Door: The nifty hen house door can easily be locked in an open or closed position.

  • Matching Trim: Each custom door is trimmed to match the outside of your hen house.
  • Easy To Open: Our custom doors feature an easy-grip handle and smooth sliding design.
  • Choice of latch: With the simple flip of a latch, you can secure your flock on the inside or the outside  —  or allow them to forage freely between your chicken coop and yard, when and as needed.

Automatic Door: Or, why not upgrade to the popular solar-powered programmable fully automatic chicken door for not that much more?

  • Frees Your Time: The timer and light sensor features free you from the daily manual opening of the chicken door and closing it at night every day. Especially during the cold winter and when your chicken coop is far from the house. The smart chicken door can help you to solve the inconvenience of opening and closing the chicken coop. 
  • Anti-Pinch Design: Our chicken coop doors feature an anti-pinch design, The door will automatically rise up to 1/3 of the door height when the door encounters an obstacle in the closing process and then close automatically after about 10 seconds.  This innovative anti-pinch feature ensures  your chicks are protected from harm during the operation.
  • Four Usage Modes: The automatic chicken door has 4 switch setting modes: Timer, Light Sensor, remote control and manual mode.  You can choose the mode according to your preference.
  • Weatherproof!
  • No electricity needed!!
  • Long enough cable to move your solar-panel for optimal sun.
solar door
chicken coop door
electrical package for hen house

Watt a bright idea.

The industrial-quality chicken coop electrical wiring package provides protected lighting sockets, and electrical outlets, giving you light as when needed and power for heating or servicing your coop.

Call for more details about tailoring this to your specific needs.

standard chicken coop layout

Standard Chicken Coop Layout

This is only a typical  chicken coop idea of what most people like. However, if you are wanting a more customized coop, we also build custom chicken coops upon your request too.  Move the chicken door.  Expand the enclosed area.  Add a transom window in the man door.  Add custom nesting boxes. Or keep it simple and not have any internal wall – just a plain simple coop.   Contact us or get a free chicken coop quote and let’s talk about your chicken coop needs.

Download the Standard Chicken Coop Layout PDF here.


Design your shed online, get a free quote, then let us build and deliver your shed.


Rent to own your shed instead of renting a storage unit across the town and save money.


If you need someone to prepare the site for you, we may be able to help with that as well.


We build our sheds same as a contractor builds a house. Add-ons that fit your needs!

See What Others Have Said About Our Chicken Coops

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Features of all our Storage Buildings

  • Full 2×4″ Construction
  • 16″ O.C. Stud Spacing, Double Top Plates
  • Sturdy 4×4″ Pressure-Treated Runners
  • All Plywood Interior: Solid 3/4″ Flooring, 7/16″ Roof Sheeting
  • 15/32″ Roseburg Duratemp Textured Plywood Siding
  • Full 2×4″ Trusses (with truss plates – NO plywood gussets!!)
  • 30-Year Architectural Shingles (Other Roofing Options Available)
  • Screened Gable Vents
  • Soffit And Fascia Trim
  • Primed And Caulked
  • Pre-Built Ready To Use!
chicken coops in oregon

Common Upgrades for the Chicken Coop

  • Electrical Package
  • Cupola and Weathervane
  • Metal Roof
  • Custom Paint
  • Roosting perches
  • Two-tiered nesting boxes
  • LuxGuard rubberized diamond-plate flooring
  • Cupola’s and Weathervanes (even the popular Rooster!!)

More Chicken Coop Features & Options

oregon hen house natural lighting
Natural Lighting
Three strategically placed windows allow plenty of light into both the nesting and egg-collecting sides of the chicken coop. We offer transom windows as well.
oregon hen house sign design
Hen House Sign
Show off your chickens and your coop with our fun and playful signage. (more options available)
chicken coop in or
Styled Your Way
Make your chicken coop fit your style with the classic Cottage Red paint color or choose your own custom color to match your house.
chicken coop cupola
Cupola & Weathervane
Want to top with a that’ll make your chickens proud? We’ve got you covered! Add a bit of bling to your chicken coop with a cupola and weathervane (several styles available - including Mr. Rooster!)
Two-tiered Nesting Boxes
Limited room and need more nesting boxes? Why not try our 2-tiered boxes - complete with roosting perches.
Easy access to Nests/Eggs
Simply open the plywood "door" from the inside and safely latch it with the barrel-bolt. Simply close it and latch it again when you are done.
solar door
Solar-Powered Chicken door!
Want the ease of an automatic door? Why not try our solar-powered fully automatic door - complete with a programmable timer!
IMG 3234 (002)
Roosting Perches
Chickens love their roosting perches! Why not make them happy and add some. These are designed to place under the nesting boxes or along a side wall. Your choice.

Get a real amazing chicken coop.

Don’t eat mediocre eggs from the grocery store. Don’t hunt and harvest dirty eggs. Tap into your inner farmer with your own backyard chicken coop. Give your family the delight of raising a brood of chicks into a productive flock of laying hens. Eggs from your backyard don’t just look and taste better, we’ll be you’ll feel healthier and more satisfied feeding on the fruit of your labors.

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