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The Animal Run-Inn

Ensuring your livestock have shelter to keep them safe from harsh weather conditions is not only important to you but also to your livestock. We know the importance of having a quality-built portable livestock shelter for your horses and other animals. Our livestock shelters are built to last. Our 20+ years of experience gives us the ability to ensure your portable livestock shelter maintains a level of quality that will last for years as you provide a home for your livestock. Our portable horse shelters along with our other shelters can be customized to fit your exact needs. See our portable horse sheds and other portable shelters today to get started on customizing one to fit your exact need.

Design Your Own
horse loafing shed in or

Protect your livestock from inclement weather with our safe and efficient portable livestock shelters built with integrity and with the safety of your livestock in mind. Of our many portable livestock shelters, our Animal Run-Inn loafing shed offers a number of unique features that promote its durability to withstand harsh weather while providing a safe shelter for your animals. See below the unique features of our Animal Run-Inn Loafing shed and get started on customizing your own shed today.

Standard Features of the Animal Run-Inn Loafing Shed

  • No Floor
  • Built on 6×6 Pressure-treated Frame
  • Reinforced Steel Corners
  • Hooks for Moving

Portable Horse Shelters Features & Options

Features of all our Animal Shelters

  • Full 2×4″ Construction
  • All Plywood Interior: Solid 3/4″ Flooring, 7/16″ Roof Sheeting
  • 15/32″ Roseburg Duratemp Textured Plywood Siding
  • Full 2×4″ Trusses
  • 30-Year Architectural Shingles (Other Roofing Options Available)
  • Soffit And Fascia Trim
  • Primed And Caulked
  • Pre-Built Ready To Use!
Building Features

Options for your Horse and Shelter

Get exactly what you and your horses need from a loafing shed. Customize your horse shelter to fit your property and tastes, as well as suit the temperaments and personalities of your horses. All of the following features are yours for the choosing with your own Animal Run-Inn:

  • Single or Double-Wide Sizes
  • Optional Partition Wall Between Stalls
  • Closed-In Tack Room: Store feed, tack, and other supplies.
  • Kickplate: 1/2″ Plywood Lining
  • Stain-Grade Siding and Trim
  • Cupola and Weathervane
Building Options

Portable Animal Shelter Features

We provide a number of unique options with our portable animal shelters that will benefit you as you choose what type of animal shelter you need for your livestock. We want to make the buying process easy for you as you seek to purchase your portable animal shelter. We offer the following features with our portable animal shelters.

Our portable animal shelters are carefully built by craftsmen with over 20 years of experience in the shed building industry, therefore ensuring the high quality of our sheds. Not only do your animals need a portable shelter for times of harsh weather, but you also need a portable animal shelter that you can trust to provide shelter for your livestock. Our portable animal structures are made durable and built with a level of quality that reflects our 20+ years of experience in the shed building industry.

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