Variety of sheds

Great Customization Options for Your Shed

Customize Your Building 

Customize your building with add-ons that fit your needs! Countryside Sheds LLC can add roof extensions, windows and a host of other customization options to your shed. Read on to learn more about the features we can add for you!

Gable End Roof Extensions

  • Extends the roof line at each gable end out more
  • Provides rain runoff protection
  • Adds a ‘custom’
  • Also available in 11” overall overhang (including eaves)

Door Styles

  • 5' or 6' double doors
  • 36" - 72" metal doors
  • Doors with windows
  • Split "Dutch" doors
  • Upgrade style of doors (Carriage, Quaker, Gable, etc.)
  • Roll-up corrugated doors
  • Garage-style doors (available in different sizes)
  • Frame in opening for customer-supplied doors

Planter Boxes, Window Shutters, Ramps, Cupolas, Weather Vanes, Shelving and More

  • Add some bling to your shed
  • Customize your shed into your dream shed.
  • Exterior ramps from 36” to 8’
  • Several weather vane styles
  • Shelving from 1 to multi-tiered

Windows and Shed Lights

  • Attractive aluminum windows with decorative grids
  • Double-pane vinyl windows
  • Skylights and more

Porches, Decks and Railing

  • Add a porch to your building (with or without railing)
  • Available in rustic, redwood, or paint-grade material
  • Full or half porches
  • Gable end or eave side

Siding and Painting Options

  • Custom paint to match your existing house
  • Cedar or lap siding
  • HardiePlank cement lap siding
  • Vinyl or metal siding
  • Board-and-batt look
  • Stain-grade siding

Flooring Options

  • Reinforced flooring
  • Insulated floors
  • Additional floor runners
  • No floor (ideal for cement slabs or pump houses)
  • Pressure-treated flooring

Framing Options

  • Inside corner framing (recommended if you are sheeting the inside)
  • 16” on-center stud spacing (includes 2nd top plates)
  • Flat bottom cords on trusses (great if you are going to finish the inside ceiling)

Custom Building Options

  • Available in kit form
  • On-site construction (call for availability)
  • Built to your specifications
  • Available without a floor (ideal for cement slabs)

Custom Projects

  • Custom-sized building to fit in a limited area
  • Match siding or design to existing building
  • Call for a quote for your custom project
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