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At Countryside Sheds, we believe in the product we’re offering, but we don’t want you to only take our word for it. Read what others have to say about their custom sheds from Countryside Sheds, LLC.

It takes trust to hire a builder, and we know we’re only as good as the experiences we leave behind with our customers. That’s why we’ve joined the Better Business Bureau, to ensure that our business practices are honest and satisfying to our customers. See our BBB profile.

In addition, we allow for public review from our customers right here on our website. We post all our customer’s shed company reviews, good or bad. Read what others have to say and leave your feedback about your experience with Countryside Sheds.  As you decide where to buy your shed, we’re glad that storage shed company reviews are important to you.

We are totally impressed with our purchase, it solved our storage problem, it is well built and the service & delivery was excellent.

Clay H.
Hermiston, OR
December 4, 2018

The shed was and is very useful. Your firm offered more opportunity to tailor the shed to my particular needs, and choose a paint scheme to match my house.

David F.
December 4, 2018

We were absolutely thrilled with our shed and your service

Laurie H.
December 4, 2018

needed a shed that I could park my riding lawn mower in as well as store flammable items like propane tanks and gas containers. The shed works perfectly for what I needed. What I like about the shed is that it is solid and well built. Keeps everything dry inside and holds a heavy mower without any difficulty.

I looked around for sheds at Home Depot and other locations, but saw yours on the highway there in Milton Freewater and called the number. What I liked was it was a total package. I didn’t have to do anything other than put things in it. Other sheds I looked at were a little less expensive, but didn’t have roofing shingles, or didn’t have a door, or was suspect on being able to hold the weight of the items I wanted to store in it. That’s why I bought your shed; I wanted a complete item that I could start using from day one and that would be well built so as to last.

Satisfied Customer
Milton Freewater, OR
December 4, 2018

As our Art business has grown I have found that so has my woodworking equipment space needs and the purchase of the shed allowed me to free up the space I needed in my main shop area. The shed that you built for me has allowed me to work more efficiently in my shop. I chose Countryside because you build the best quality sheds and were able to accommodate the type of shed I wanted with an actual door and insulation all around. Installation was a breeze and even though the site was not the best – the shed was installed on a slope it is level. This is our second shed that we have purchased from CountrySide and as far as I am concerned there is no other choice in the valley if a quality shed, that will last a long time, is what a person is looking for. I like your slogan – “More Than Just a Shed!” Good luck with your new location, Michael

Michael O.
December 4, 2018

Pete, as your aware we have purchased 4 sheds. 1 was a large 20×30 3 sided shed, two were smaller kits and one was built and delivered. They all had different purposes and you and the company were able to modify the basic plans to meet our needs. The add on options provide functional and aesthetic additions based on needs. I think you designed the large pole shed from scratch and did an excellent job. Flexibility has been key to why we keep coming back. We were able to take a basic plan and modify it to meet our needs. We know we will get what we expect or you will make it right. Material quality has been very good. I dread going to a lumber yard sorting material. Plus getting everything that’s needed in one shot meaning no additional trips to town. The pre built shed was built to our specs and delivered and placed exactly where we wanted. Kits contain all of the materials and building guides to complete the construction. If something is missing you make it right immediately, no questions asked.

We assembled a kit we got through a big box store. Material was sometimes warped. Structure was minimal to hold the sheeting and roof. No roofing material was provided. We felt we needed to add studs for strength (24 inch centers) and less on ends. Pressure treated material looked like treatment was sprayed on. Only positive thing was a single pallet. That meant plates had to be spliced. Trusses needed to be built, they were not pre built. Whole pallet had to unpacked to find the parts needed.

Kits were loaded with so that material needed first was on the top where possible. We used our own trailers so could build off the trailer as opposed to complete unloading to get at materials needed. One thing I did find is that it used piano hinges for the doors. These are superior in my opinion to the strap hinges that you guys use. Fewer issues with alignment and sag over time. To me this is the only real suggestion I would offer to improve your product. Your assembly instructions are easy to follow. We have had no real long term issues with any of the sheds.

We maybe looking for another kit by the way. Lean to style to place next to an exiting wall. 3 to 4 feet deep and 12 to 16 feet long. Peak would be next to existing wall of the house and slope outward. Probably a wide single and a double door or two double doors. Turns out the one I built at the beach was smaller than we needed. But we can only have a single shed. We need to get back to the beach to work out measurements. Will keep you informed.

This is a bit disjointed as far as organization of topics go, I hope it will meet your needs. It’s been a pleasure to work with you on our projects.

John R.
December 4, 2018

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