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10’x12′ Gable

Jared Reiff - July 16, 2024

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What are “stock buildings”?

“Stock Buildings” are just that—they are buildings that we build for stock and for display. They are built with the same quality as our custom buildings. If you need a building right now, these are available for immediate purchase and prompt delivery (please allow up to a few days, if necessary for our schedule). We usually try to have between 30 and 60 stock buildings at any one time at our various display lots. To see if the building you need is available, contact us.

How do stock buildings differ from custom buildings?

Stock buildings are built using the same high-quality building standards we use on any of the structures we build for our customers. The durable materials and attention to details are used for each one. Some of the stock buildings are basic (no extra options on them); others may have windows, porches, etc.

All stock buildings are for sale with the price of the building (and any add-on’s) listed on the building at our sales lot locations. Stock buildings serve two purposes

  • They display the exceptional fine quality of our buildings for people to physically see.
  • They are available for immediate purchase and delivery if someone needs one “NOW!”

Can “stock buildings” be modified if we want something added to it?

Yes and No. If you want a window added to the side—yes, we can. If you want the single door replaced with a double door—no, we won’t (we would build you a new one). If you want it painted—maybe. If you want the shingles changed to a different color—no, we won’t.

Do you offer any discounts on stock buildings?

Presently there is at least a $50 discount off any stock building at any of our display lots. We like to rotate our stock to keep our buildings fresh—and that means selling them! Every once in while if a building may have been sitting for a while, we may even offer an additional incentive (as in a little more $$ off the price). If you see a particular one you are interested in, if never hurts to ask!

I see a stock building I like, but I’m not quite ready for it. Can I reserve it?

All stock buildings are for sale on a first-come-first-served basis. However, we can reserve a building for you. But we would need a deposit until you are ready for delivery.

Looking for a deal on a shed, and need one “now”? We stock many buildings in our shed display lot locations throughout Northeast Oregon and Southeast Washington. Stop by and visit us at a sales lot to see what stock buildings and shed deals are located near you, or just to discuss your unique building requirements. We’re looking forward to meeting you!