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The Gable Wood Storage Shed

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If you want a straight forward wood shed that checks all the boxes without cutting any corners, this A-Frame shed is likely what you need.

Features of the Gable Wood Shed:

  • Conventional A-Frame w/Minimal Overhang
  • Sizes From 8′ × 8′ To 14′ × 28′
  • Extra-Wide 43″ Door
  • Black or Silver Hardware

A Wood Shed Built for Life

Our most economical shed is popular for good reason. Inspired by the character of the Wallowa Mountains under who’s shadow these structures are born and breathe, we build these wood storage sheds to last a lifetime. Not only that, there’s more to this garden shed offering than meets the eye. The Gable shed is available in many different sizes and with a huge array of options. Providing flexible and formidable storage, prepare yourself for a new standard of quality in a wood sheds.

Features of All Our Storage Buildings

  • Full 2×4″ Construction
  • 16″ O.C. Stud Spacing, Double Top Plates
  • Sturdy 4×4″ Pressure-Treated Runners
  • All Plywood Interior: Solid 3/4″ Flooring, 7/16″ Roof Sheeting
  • 15/32″ Roseburg Duratemp Textured Plywood Siding
  • Full 2×4″ Trusses
  • 30-Year Architectural Shingles (Other Roofing Options Available)
  • Screened Gable Vents
  • Self-Latching Hand-Crafted 43″ Wide Door
  • Soffit And Fascia Trim
  • Primed And Caulked
  • Pre-Built Ready To Use!
Building Features

Common Upgrades for the Gable Shed

  • 5′ or 6′ Double Door
  • Rollup Or Insulated Doors
  • 18×23″ Windows
  • Side or End Porch
  • Roof Overhang (Provides Loft Space)
  • Metal Roof
  • Custom Paint
Shed Options

Questions and Answers

What is the weight of a Gable Wood Shed?

The weight of our wood sheds varies depending on the options chosen, but a here’s a “ball park” reference:

  • 8′ × 10′ Gable = 1700 pounds
  • 8′ × 12′ Gable = 1800 pounds
  • 10′ × 12′ Gable = 2425 pounds
  • 10′ × 16′ Gable = 2950 pounds

How tall is the Gable Wood Storage Shed?

Measurements listed are taken from the top of the ridge cap of the roof to the bottom of the floor runners sitting on the ground. These heights don’t include the elevation of the blocks used on the runners.

  • 8′ wide = 9′ 9″ tall
  • 10′ wide = 10′ 10″ tall
  • 12′ wide = 11′ 4″ tall
  • 14′ wide = 11′ 8″ tall

Will my riding lawnmower or 4-wheeler fit through your standard door?

Usually not. Even though our standard custom door is an extra-wide 43″, it is recommended to upgrade to at least a 5′ double door (6′ is also available) or a roll-up style door. A ramp will be needed also, as the floor is around 7-8″ from the ground. We offer these as options. Call for pricing