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Shed Delivery & Shed Moving Service in Oregon and Washington

You and your shed are in good hands with Countryside. Whether you’re concerned about the delivery of your shed, or you’d like to move another garden shed from one place to another, you can rest easy knowing that the experienced delivery personnel from Countryside have the equipment and expertise to get the job done right.

We offer free delivery to the cities mentioned in our brochure, and surrounding areas!

Moving even small prefab sheds around is no small task, but you’ll be impressed when you see the dedicated equipment and care exercised by Countryside Sheds.

Shed Delivery and Moving Details

How do you deliver the shed?

Your storage shed will be delivered completely assembled and ready to use. We use a Straight-cab size truck and a specially built 24′ long tilt-bed trailer. No big semi-truck or anything to worry about. But it still takes room to maneuver around.

In most cases, we would back up to your yard or driveway and unload it. If there isn’t room for the truck and trailer, we always carry a shed-mover on our truck. We would then unload the building in your driveway and use the much smaller motorized backyard shed mover to push or pull the building into your backyard.

It that still won’t work, then perhaps you need either a kit to build yourself, or an on-site construction project. If you are unsure about space restrictions, let us know and when we are in the area the next time we can stop and look at the site.

We are moving or re-landscaping our backyard. Can you move our building?

For the most part, yes. All of our buildings are built to be hauled on our trailers. If you move and want your building moved to your new address, we can do that for a nominal moving fee. Please call for pricing.

We can also move your building somewhere else in your backyard if you want. We have a smaller Shed Mover that can be used (in place of our large truck and trailer). The delivery rates depends on the size of the building and the time and mileage involved.

If at all possible, we try to schedule a move when we are already near your area to avoid additional travel expense Other buildings may also be moved – only if they can be retrofitted for our trailers for hauling purposes. Additional costs will be involved based on the time and material necessary to retrofit your building with the proper floor runner spacing.

You can do this yourself, but call in for the correct spacing of the temporary runners and for pricing and information concerning these moves.

Obviously, you will need to have a pathway the minimum width of the width of the storage building plus a few feet additional. Keep in mind that the eaves on the shed roof extend out usually another 5-6” beyond the width of the building on each side.

If delivery is not possible, then either on-site construction or a kit may have to be an option. If you are not sure, we can stop by and take a look at your property, if necessary.

How far is your delivery area and how much are delivery fees?

Countryside Sheds provides shed delivery and moving service to a large region covering SE Washington and NE Oregon. We also have several dealers throughout these areas. To keep things simple, standard building prices are used in all locations.

We offer free delivery to all the cities mentioned on our brochure, including Dayton Washington, Wallowa Oregon, Joseph/Enterprise Oregon, Sumpter Oregon, and most other areas in and arround our shed lot locations.

We can also deliver to other areas, within reason. Delivery fees are based on several factors, such as mileage, time, slower gravel roads, remote sites, building size, etc. If you are outside of our free or fixed price delivery area, call for an approximate cost. Estimates for these areas:

  • Prosser WA = $150
  • Halfway OR = $165
  • Boardman OR = $150
  • Imnaha OR= $175

We can also deliver to other areas that area further out (3 or more hours driving time). But you will need to call for an estimate.

I need the building rotated 90° when it is delivered, can you do that?

In most cases, it may be possible. There are always limitations (e.g., length of building, limited maneuverable space). If in doubt, call ahead prior to purchasing the building.

Can you deliver a building without a floor if we ordered one?

Yes and No. It all depends! Obviously, there are size limitations to deal with for stability issues when transporting the building.

We would still need to attach temporary floor runners (skids) to the bottom of the building and secure cross bracing to the building for transportation purposes. Once delivered, we would then use a Handyman Jack to raise the building enough to remove the runners.

The building would need to be anchored down securely to the cement pad or other suitable structure. This is the homeowner’s responsibility, although Countryside Sheds can install this for a reasonable fee (provided previous arrangements have been made) using Red Heads or suitable stud anchor(wedge) bolts.

Please see pricing information for available sizes. Do to the extra labor involved in handling this style of building, the price is the same as a building with a floor.

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