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We Answer All Your Questions Pertaining to Our Products and Services 

Turn to Countryside Sheds LLC for custom sheds at reasonable prices. Here are some frequently asked questions regarding our products and services. 
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Purchase Information

Q: Do you do offer free estimates for people?
A: We will gladly write a FREE proposal for you to review that is tailored to any add-ons that you are interested in. You can even get several different proposals so you can compare building styles.

Q: How long are the estimates valid for?
A: Most proposals (estimates) are valid for 30 days. But due to the sometimes volatile commodities market some special order items (metal roof, vinyl siding, etc.) may be subject to change pending any unforeseen market changes. If you are still considering a proposal past the 30 days, please call for a current price.

Q: Do you offer any financing options?
A: Yes we offer financing through BLI Rent to Own as well as low interest rate financing through ICON Credit Union!

Q: What type of payments do you accept?
A: We accept Cash, Check, Visa & MasterCard.(Note 3% finance charge applies to all Credit Card purchases.)

Q: Do you rent the buildings or offer lease-to-own options?
A: Yes we are Offering Rent-to-Own through BLI Rentals LLC.

Q: I live in Washington State, do I have to pay sales tax?
A: Unfortunately, yes. Our buildings are classified as detached free-standing sheds and labeled as “personal property.” This requires sales tax to be collected on the total amount (including any delivery fees). 

However, you can buy a building from any of our display lots in Oregon and arrange delivery yourself (if you think it’s worth it - most people don’t). Or, you can buy a kit and come pick it up yourself and will be exempt from sales tax. There are some businesses that may be exempt if they carry a tax exempt license.

Q: Do you offer any discounts?
A: We do occasionally offer promotional discounts (usually at Home and Garden Shows, coupons in newspapers, special advertisements, winter specials, tear-out coupons in the phone books, etc.)

The following are some of the discount questions we get:
  • Multiple Building Discount - Yes, if more than 1 building is purchased at the same time.
  • Senior Citizen Discount - No, (but we do respect you though and treat you like a king or queen!)
  • Cash Discount - Cash or Check is the best value! 3% credit card purchase will be charged on all credit card purchases.
  • Off Season Discount - Sometimes (that's when we usually build our stock buildings to replenish the ones that old during the busy season) -- but it still doesn't hurt to ask!
  • Contractor Discount - Usually, it depends on the situation. Call for details.
  • Church Discount - Usually, it depends on the situation. Call for details.
Q: Do you require a down payment on orders?
A: As most orders are considered custom buildings, your deposit assures us that you are committed to this purchase and helps defray our material cost should you back out unexpectedly at the last minute or default. This usually is a 50% down payment. Down payments are not required on already built stock buildings.

Q: How long does it take to build a building?
A: That’s a trick question! - but a lot of people ask that question. It usually takes us only a few days to build the building. So the correct question would be “What is the lead time if I place an order for a storage shed?” This depends on the time of the year and our present work load schedule. Usually the lead time is only a few weeks or so. 

During the busier summer months, there may be an additional backlog depending on the number of orders placed. If there is a certain date you need your building delivered by, please let us know at the time of purchase and we will do our best to ensure that it is delivered by that time! 

If you need a rush order thrown in at the last minute, we'll try our best to accommodate you. (i.e., your cheap metal building that your spouse warned you not to buy in the first place finally blew apart in the middle of a winter storm). 

That’s why we keep stock buildings handy, in case someone needs one sooner. However, sometimes there may be other factors which may delay construction (such as purchasing a metal roof, vinyl siding, garage doors, windows, etc., or awaiting approval of a special building permit, if required.)
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Building Options

Q: Do I have a choice in the placement of door(s) or windows?
A; Yes! You can place the door and windows in just about any place you want. For example, the door on a gable style building is usually on the gable end. However, you can opt to have it moved to the long eave side. Limited space? You may be able to place the window in one of our custom doors. Usually there is no additional fee for this.

Q. Can I provide my own doors and windows and have you guys rough frame for them or even install them for me?
A: Usually. You may tell us “It’s just a shed. It’ll be OK to use!” But our name and reputation is still at stake for providing a quality product, so the final decision is at our discretion. 

If you have some leftover doors or windows from a remodel job and would like to use them, let us know and we can decide if they are usable or not. There would be an additional reasonable framing surcharge to do so.

Q: Can I get any color roof shingle or even upgrade to metal roofing on my building?
A: Yes, as long as it is available. Our price includes a 30-year architectural shingle. We buy bulk. However, we can order a special color, but it usually costs a bit more. We can replace the shingles with a metal roof if you desire. Many colors are available. Again, there would be an additional fee for the price difference of material. Call for a quote.

Q: I’m looking for something a bit different. Can you change the design of your buildings?
A: Usually. All buildings usually fall under a general style. For instance, if you wanted a hip roof instead of a gable roof, we would start with the basic gable style building and change the roof to a hip roof (additional fees apply). We can add porches, decks, lofts, open-framed trusses (vaulted ceilings). Call for more details and examples.

Q: I need a special size to fit in my backyard, but I don’t see it on your price list. Can I have a custom size built?
A: Usually. We have to price it for the next common size up due to the inefficiency of material usage. For example, someone needs a 9’2”w x 11’6” long gable. This would be priced for a 10’ x 12’ Gable. Some limitations apply. Some may require a small surcharge. Call for details. The price list only shows the common sizes due to space. However, we offer most of our buildings in all common sizes (I.e., 10’ x 10’, 12’ wide x 10’ deep, etc.)

Q: Can I purchase a building without a floor?
A: Yes. If you would like to put the building on a cement slab, we can build the shed without a floor. However, limited sizes are available that we can transport. These are great for pump houses, garden sheds, existing slabs, etc. We will replace the standard sill plate with a pressure-treated sill plate. 

We also provide sill seal as a barrier strip that goes between the bottom plate and the concrete. The building would need to be anchored down after delivery. We recommend “red heads” or stud anchor (wedge) bolts. This service is not included in the delivery, but is available (in Oregon only) for a modest fee if requested. See out price list for the basic price.

Q: I can’t get a pre-built building on my property. Do you offer "on-site" construction?
A: Yes. For those tight spots where a building can't fit through a fence, around trees or around your house, we do offer on-site construction in both NE Oregon as well as SE Washington. We normally would pre-cut the majority of your building at our shop (flooring, trusses, etc.), bring it to your property and assemble it there. 

Restrictions may apply. Call for a free quote. This does add to the final cost a bit more than the standard price list for our buildings. Additional on-site cost factors include mileage, additional time, set-up allowance, style of building, etc.)

Call for a price quote. If you doubt if a pre-built building can be delivered to your property, we can usually arrange to come to your property to evaluate the situation if necessary.

We have bonded, licensed and insured sub-contractors that can provide this service to most areas serviced by our delivery area. Call for a price quote. Sample photos of an on-site project:
Q: I hear you offer these buildings in a "kit form". What is included?
A: We offer the majority of the different styles of our buildings in a kit form. The kit is priced for local pick-up from our shop facility (Island City, Oregon). The customer is responsible for picking up the material.

We can also deliver a kit; however, a nominal delivery and kit handling fee would be charged if we deliver a kit package, plus any additional sales tax, if applicable.

NOTICE: Although the kit includes an illustrated Kit Assembly Instructions, it is understood that the purchaser has the general construction knowledge of proper building techniques. In other words, the guide does not provide an exact step-by-step detailed level of information – as in assembling a bookcase kit or desk unit kit you may get from a retail store. 

Additional cutout sheets will be provided showing the same cut list used in the shop in cutting out your kit (roof sheeting, floor sheeting, siding placement, etc.

Sample photos of a kit ready to deliver:
For several sample sheets from one of our kit instructions guides, 
The following is included with every kit:
  •  All flooring material (floor runners, floor joists, sheeting) - cut to size.
  •  All wall framing material (top/bottom plates, pre-cut wall studs, etc.)
  •  Pre-cut exterior siding
  •  Pre-built trusses
  •  All roofing material (pre-cut sheeting, felt, drip edge, shingles, etc.)
  •  Pre-built custom door and any necessary hardware
  •  All auxiliary trim, gable vents, hardware, etc.
  •  All caulking, roof tar, nails, screws, etc.
We even mark the top and bottom plates where the studs go, build the headers and cripples for you, build the vents and doors. We even color code the wall and floor framing material so you will know what goes with what.

Delivery Information

Q: How do you deliver the shed?
A: Your shed will be delivered completely assembled and ready to use. We use a Straight-cab size truck and a specially built 20’ long tilt-bed trailer. No big semi-truck or anything to worry about. But it still takes room to maneuver around. 

In most cases, we would back up to your yard or driveway and unload it. If there isn’t room for the truck and trailer, we always carry a shed-mover on our truck. We would then unload the building in your driveway and use the much smaller motorized shed mover to push or pull the building into your backyard.

It that still won’t work, then perhaps you need either a kit to build yourself, or an on-site construction project. If you are unsure about space restrictions, let us know and when we are in the area the next time we can stop and look at the site.

Q: Does the building price include delivery and set-up?
A: Your shed will be delivered completely assembled and ready to use. We use a crew-cab size truck and a specially built 18’ long tilt-bed trailer. No big semi-truck or anything to worry about. But it still takes room to maneuver around. 

In most cases we would back up to your yard or driveway and unload it. If there isn’t room for the truck and trailer, we always carry a shed-mover on our truck. We would then unload the building in your driveway and use the much smaller motorized shed mover to push or pull the building into your backyard. 
It that still won’t work, then perhaps you need either a kit to build yourself, or an on-site construction project. If you are unsure about space restrictions, let us know and when we are in the area the next time we can stop and look at the site.

Q: How much are delivery fees?  
A: Countryside Sheds, LLC provides service to a large region covering SE Washington and NE Oregon. We also have several dealers throughout these areas. To keep things simple, standard building prices are used in all locations. 

However, additional costs do incur as a result of further mileage and longer delivery times. As a result, additional delivery surcharge fees are added to some locations.
Delivery to the Hermiston and Tri-City areas – even for stock buildings located there – are as follows: 
  • 8’ width = $75
  • 10’ width = $100
  • 12’ width = $125
  • 14’ width = $150
Q: How far is your delivery area and how much is it to deliver?
A: We can also deliver to other areas (within reason) Delivery fees are based on several factors (such as mileage, time, slower gravel roads, remote sites, building size, etc.) If you are outside of our free or fixed price delivery area, call for an approximate cost. Estimates for these areas: 
  • Dayton, WA = $100
  • Wallowa = $100
  • Joseph/Enterprise = $125
  • Sumpter = $125
  • Prosser, WA = $150
  • Halfway = $165
  • Boardman = $150
  • Imnaha = $175
We can also deliver to other areas that area further out (3 or more hours driving time). But you will need to call for an estimate.

Q: We are moving or re-landscaping our backyard. Can you move our building?
A: For the most part, yes. All of our buildings are built to be hauled on our trailers. If you move and want your building moved to your new address, we can do that for a nominal moving fee. Please call for pricing. 

We can also move your building somewhere else in your backyard if you want. We have a smaller Shed Mover that can be used (in place of our large truck and trailer). The delivery rates depends on the size of the building and the time and mileage involved. 

If at all possible, we try to schedule a move when we are already near your area to avoid additional travel expense Other buildings may also be moved - only if they can be retrofitted for our trailers for hauling purposes. Additional costs will be involved based on the time and material necessary to retrofit your building with the proper floor runner spacing. 

You can do this yourself, but call in for the correct spacing of the temporary runners and for pricing and information concerning these moves.

Samples of the shed mover:
Obviously, you will need to have a pathway the minimum width of the width of the storage building plus a few feet additional. Keep in mind that the eaves on the shed roof extend out usually another 5-6" beyond the width of the building on each side. 

If delivery is not possible, then either on-site construction or a kit may have to be an option. If you are not sure, we can stop by and take a look at your property, if necessary.

Q: I need the building rotated 90° when it is delivered, can you do that?
A: In most cases, it may be possible. There are always limitations (e.g., length of building, limited maneuverable space). If in doubt, call ahead prior to purchasing the building.

Q: Can you deliver a building without a floor if we ordered one?
A: Yes and No. It all depends! Obviously, there are size limitations to deal with for stability issues when transporting the building. 

We would still need to attach temporary floor runners (skids) to the bottom of the building and secure cross bracing to the building for transportation purposes. Once delivered, we would then use a Handyman Jack to raise the building enough to remove the runners. 

The building would need to be anchored down securely to the cement pad or other suitable structure. This is the homeowner’s responsibility, although Countryside Sheds can install this for a reasonable fee (provided previous arrangements have been made) using Red Heads or suitable stud anchor(wedge) bolts. 

Please see pricing information for available sizes. Do to the extra labor involved in handling this style of building, the price is the same as a building with a floor.

Site Preparation

Q: How do I prepare my site prior to the delivery of the building?
A: You will need a level spot for the building. If you place your building on cement, asphalt, or gravel you do not need any cement blocks placed under the runners. If you are placing your building over grass or dirt, you may choose to use either cement blocks to place under the runners or prepare a bed of gravel.

Cement blocks: 
If you choose to use cement blocks, you will need to place cement patio-paver style blocks under the runners. This can be accomplished by simply digging down to remove excessive dirt, grass, etc. You will need to place cement blocks (recommended 2" thick x 8" wide x 16" long) under the area where each runner will go. 

See below for further information on runner layout measurements. Ensure these blocks remain level along the path of the runners. Also cross-check the width for level and from corner-to-corner. Any humps or dips will need to be leveled.
On the larger buildings (with 4 or more runners) it may be easier for you (and our driver) if you spread gravel (3-5" thick) where the building will rest instead of using blocks. 

We recommend gravel called “¾ minus” - this means the largest gravel size is 3/4” and includes smaller filler gravel mixed with it. Ensure the gravel is level. Whichever method you choose, be sure the spot is level! 

Q: If I can't level it myself (or don't want to mess with it!) can you guys do it for me?
A: It all depends. If major excavation is required (trees removed, hillside leveled, etc.), you will need to arrange an excavator to perform that prior to delivery. We may be able to recommend several reliable contractors, if necessary.

If the site only needs minor leveling (i.e., shimming or use of a hand shovel) or requires placement and leveling of blocks, we can usually do that. However, there is a nominal fee that is based on the recommended number of cement blocks required for the building as well as the time to do it. The price estimate obviously varies from job to job. Call for details.

Q: What are the measurements for the floor runners (skids) so I can lay the blocks?
A: Click on the corresponding link below for a pop-up window that will show the measurements of the floor runners. Please note that the number of cement blocks may vary depending on your building length from that shown. 

Refer to the accompanying chart for recommended number of blocks. Simply place the cement blocks every 3-4 feet along each runner shown. [Please note: to view these pages, you may need to enable "Pop-ups" if your Internet browser setting has them disabled.

Runner layout:
Also note that if your building has the reinforced floor (like the garage buildings have), there will be an additional center runner as well.

Q: What if I want to get a building without a floor and pour a cement slab - how do I do that?
A: Two things to consider:
  •     Are you going to have a cement walkway around the shed?
  •     Are you making the slab just for the building only?
If you are going to have a cement walkway around the shed, pour the slab so the “floor” portion of the slab (where the building will be placed) is flat and level. Taper the cement walkway area slightly away from the “floor” section for proper rain runoff. 

If you are pouring just the slab for the building, frame your slab for the exact size of the “footprint“ of the building. Dig around the perimeter of the slab area a little deeper and wider. You will want to pour what’s called a “monolithic” slab.
For instance, if you are pouring a slab for a 10’ x 12’ building, the slab should be at least 4” thick minimum. But around the outer perimeter edge dig several inches deeper (about 10” - 12” wide and 8” deep starting from the outside of the edge of the slab.) This requires no additional framing for a foundation stem wall. When you pour the slab, the cement will fill this “footing” at the same time reinforcing the perimeter edge of the building where the walls will stand.  

When the building is placed on the slab, the overall width of the building will now be ½” wider on all sides (due to the thickness of the siding) than the slab and will allow water runoff to deflect away from the cement, reducing the chance of water seeping into your building. A sill seal barrier strip is also provided that is placed between the pressure-treated bottom sill plates and the concrete.
Q: Do I need a permit for my building?
A: Countryside Sheds, LLC wants to be sure that your purchase, delivery and and use of your building meets your expectations. However, please be aware that it is your responsibility to determine whether or not you will need a building permit. Most people do not need a permit.  
However, it is your responsible to determine what the requirements are to meet local building codes or other rules that apply in your locality and for any neighborhood covenants, set-backs and site preparation requirements. 

Please determine your local building rules and regulations concerning installation before considering a purchase. Additional local housing restrictions, ordinances, or homeowner association guidelines may apply as well.

In Oregon, per “2008 Oregon Residential Specialty Code”, Section R105.2, most areas will allow up to 200 square feet (example 10' x 20' building) or an average roof height of 10 feet before needing a permit. Commercial buildings are limited to 120 square feet. Other state’s requirements may vary. More and more counties are now requiring a permit regardless of the size of the building and regardless of whether they are ‘portable’ or not.
If a permit is required, we will try to assist in what ever manner necessary. A simple multi-page CAD drawing can be provided to help assist you with obtaining a permit. Please check with your building department prior to placing an order to see if you will be required to get a permit. Permit fees are the responsibility of the customer. Most agricultural-zoned land may be exempt if placing a building there, provided the building is used for agricultural storage.  
Local zoning ordinances, set back requirements, regulations, restrictions, covenants, and other codes or rules that apply to storage buildings (even portable ones) vary from state to state and even from locality to locality within those states. These ordinances are subject to change.
From our experience, the Building Department personnel appear to interpret the building codes differently in each county. Some additional framing may be necessary to your building if you require a permit. (For example, you may need to upgrade to pressure-treated flooring, engineered trusses, 16” on-center stud spacing or tie-downs to secure your building, etc.)

These may require an additional surcharge to your proposal. Countryside Sheds, LLC understands the frustration and inconvenience this may cause you; therefore, to avoid this, please confirm that the building will meet these requirements prior to purchase. Countryside Sheds, LLC cannot be held liable nor responsible for your decisions in this matter.

Q: The local building department said I had to anchor the building with tie-downs. What do you recommend?
A: More and more counties are requiring buildings to be anchored. There are several methods of securing the building.

You can dig a post hole at least 2’ deep at each corner of where the building will set. Place a 1/8” or 3/16” cable at least 60” long in the hole - leaving the loose end exposed. Fill the hole with suitable concrete. Once the building is delivered, feed the loose end of the cable around the runner and secure with suitable cable clamps. 

Countryside Sheds LLC now stocks both 3” and 4” steel anchors with 1/8” or 3/16” cables attached. These are simply driven in the ground with a sledge hammer. The loose end of the cable is then wrapped around the runner and secured with cable clamps. These are military-grade and meet code for all locations. Call for pricing.

Stock Buildings

Q: What are "stock buildings" ?
A: "Stock Buildings" are just that - they are buildings that we build for stock and for display. They are built with the same quality as our custom buildings. If a customer needs a building right now - those are available for immediate purchase and prompt delivery (please allow up to a few days, if necessary for our schedule). We usually try to have between 30 and 60 stock buildings at any one time at our various display lots.

Q: How do stock buildings differ from custom buildings?
A: Stock buildings are built no different than the custom buildings we build for our customers. The same quality goes into each one. Some of the stock buildings are basic (no options on them); others may have windows, porches, etc. 

All stock buildings are for sale with the price of the building (and any add-on’s) listed on the building. Stock buildings serve two purposes: 
  • they display the exceptional fine quality of our buildings for people to physically see
  • they are available for immediate purchase and delivery if someone needs one "NOW!"
Q: Can "stock buildings' be modified if we want something added to it?
A: Yes and No. If you want a window added to the side - yes, we can. If you want the single door replaced with a double door - no, we won't (we would build you a new one). If you want it painted - maybe. If you want the shingles changed to a different color - no, we won't.

Q: Do you offer any discounts on stock buildings?
A: Presently there is at least a $50 discount off any stock building at any of our display lots. We like to rotate our stock to keep our buildings fresh looking - and that means selling them!

So, every once in while if a building may have been sitting for a while, we may even offer an additional incentive (as in a little more $$ off the price). If you see a particular one you are interested in, if never hurts to ask!

Q: I see a stock building I like, but I’m not quite ready for it. Can I reserve it?
A: All stock buildings are for sale on a first-come-first-served basis. However, we can reserve a building for you. But we would need a deposit until you are ready for delivery.

General Information

Q: Will my riding lawnmower or 4-wheeler fit through your standard door?
A: Usually not. Even though our standard custom door is an extra-wide 43", it is recommended to upgrade to at least a 5' double door (6' is also available) or a roll-up style door. A ramp will be needed also, as the floor is around 7-8" from the ground. We offer these as options. Call for pricing.

Q: Does the building come painted?
A: No. However, each building does come factory primed and caulked along the vital areas (around the door, vents, eaves, etc.) and is ready to paint. We use DURATEMP© plywood siding that comes pre-primed with exterior latex primer. The manufacturer recommends a quality topcoat of exterior paint be applied. Do not use vinyl acrylic exterior paint.
We offer custom painting as an upgrade option on every building - using professional paint sprayers and brushes. We can custom match paint to almost everything. Please let us know at the time you place your order for a price quote. Some stock buildings may be painted already.

Q: How tall are the buildings?
A: Measurements listed are taken from the top of the ridge cap of the roof to the bottom of the floor runners sitting on the ground. Your final height depends on the elevation of the blocks used on the runners.
Gable/Garage Style:
  • 8' wide= 9' 9" tall
  • 10' wide= 10' 10" tall (11' 10" with a 7/12 pitch roof)
  • 12' wide= 11' 4" tall
  • 14' wide = 11' 8" tall
Quaker/Carriage Style:
  • 8' wide = 9' 4" tall
  • 10' wide = 9' 11" tall
Mini-Barn Style:
  • 8' wide = 8' 6" tall
  • 10' wide = 9'8" tall
Tall Barn Style:
  • 10' wide = 12' 3" tall
  • 12' wide = 13' 4" tall
Q: How much do the buildings weigh?
A: This varies by a number of factors. But a few sizes are listed below for a “ball park” reference: 
  • 8’x10’ Gable = 1700 pounds
  • 8’x12’ Gable = 1800 pounds
  • 10’x12’ Gable = 2425 pounds
  • 10’x16’ Gable = 2950 pounds
  • 10’x16’ Garage = 3850 pounds
  • 10’x16’ Tall Barn = 3900 pounds
  • 10’x20’ Garage = 3780 pounds
  • 12’x20’ Garage = 4420 pounds
  • 12’x24’ Quaker = 5480 pounds
  • 12’x24’ Tall Barn = 6000 pounds
Call us at 
for custom shed constructions!
If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us!
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