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Janet Dodson

I purchased a 12 x 20 barn a year ago. I was amazed by how expertly it was delivered to my prepared site. It was wonderful having it complete and ready to use. Since then, I have thoroughly enjoyed it. I previously had a very old and rotting woodshed that also served as a tack room and stored my ranch tools and fencing and vet supplies. Now, everything is kept clean, organized and dry and free from varmints and birds droppings. The barn is well built and I couldn’t be happier. I painted it myself, and aside from my being vertically challenged, had no problems.
We were drawn by the desire to support a local business and also appreciated the quality and choices. The service was very helpful, as well.
I have already recommended your business to several people and don’t have any suggestions, to date. Thank you.

Satisfied Customer
December 6, 2018

Najaria Esty

I love my shed, and am still happy with it. It was so well secured by the extra anchoring you installed it with that even in the 50 mph “breezes” we get on my hill, it is still right there. I picked it because the styling suited our house; there were lots of different choices but this one fit best with ours, and the double door with the ramp you built to fit it mean we can easily move wagons and wheelbarrows inside and out without banging the door frame.

I also really like the back window you added. The shed does not have electricity and extra windows along the back mean it is much more likely I can see in twilight. The double door is a real bonus; we carry patio furniture in through it and place it smack in the middle of the floor. Again, the wide door makes that easy.

I saw the shed parked on the lot across the railroad, where you store and display your stock and had several chances to look at it and think about sizes and have been quite pleased with its usefulness. I would be happy to recommend Countryside: well made products and excellent, helpful, friendly service.

Najaria E.
December 6, 2018

Bill & Bobbi Root

We love our Countryside Shed. We can get all our extras at mt. cabin in it, even a 16 ft. ladder. Your people built it exactly as we wanted. We chose you because of the demo sheds displayed around Walla Walla. Quality shows. Your set up people put it exactly where we wanted it and were very kind. They had to trundle it nearly 1/4 mile and set it precisely between two pine trees. Would recommend you to any one.

Bill & Bobbi R.
Walla Walla
December 6, 2018

Larry Morrison

We purchased the shed in 2005 when we built our new house. It was painted the same color as the house and we had to reroof it so the shingles would match. It was perfect for our needs and affordable. Countryside was the only local company building sheds near La Grande at that time and built a very quality shed for the price. I have referred a number of people to purchase them over the past. We have recently moved to Baker city and are building a new home and I wish I would have kept the shed when we moved.

Larry M.
December 5, 2018

Gary Weber

You was local, and I looked them over comparing to your competition, and thought they was better built, and the fact that you had one I could look at. I also had a time in the past I was looking for a bigger one, and you was very helpful, with making a price quote, and getting back to me. I think the customer service is why I returned. Thanks No leaks, and holding all my dry stuff.. Gary

Gary W.
December 5, 2018

Debby Ray

Well, I must say it’s been a long time. I still love my shed. I honestly have never had one issue with it. I put shelves on the inside on both sides. They hold “many” – too many – totes and boxes. The structure is exactly like it was when I bought it. There is no issues from weather, snow or rain. The doors are still straight and the hardware (handle) still functions with no issues. The window still functions also.
I chose Countryside Sheds after a little research. There were a couple sample sheds outside on Pocahontas near Millers Lumber. That’s when I first decided I would check them out. I talked to a few people who had you build their sheds and were extremely happy with theirs. Plus, even though your company is in La Grande, that’s still local to me.
I would and “have” recommended your sheds to others for several years. I am 100% satisfied with my shed.

Debby R.
December 5, 2018

Keith B. K. Chadwell

a good product, priced in line which we are very happy with.

The build on site was a plus for us for we had a tight spot that would have made a difficult offload of a fully built shed.

Your attention and extra emphasis on the door and locking hardware was an attention getter and has proven very sturdy and useful (better than others we have had over the years).

Quality materials, great build team.

Keep up the good work.

Keith C.
December 5, 2018

Jerry & Sherry Hays

In comparing your sheds to others, it was the quality of workmanship and the warmth of salesmanship that helped make the sale. We were so impressed with the first shed, that we bought another in two years. They are an added attractive feature to the property that has brought many compliments and increased the value of the home place. They make us smile and give us a sense of satisfaction each time we drive down our lane. It was a pleasant experience from our first contact, with you Pete, to the delivery and set up process! We don’t hesitate to refer potential customers to your business.

Jerry & Sherry H.
December 5, 2018

Lloyd Johnson

The shed has worked out perfectly. Apart from meeting our storage needs, it has enhanced the look of our grounds.
We chose Countryside Sheds because we have dealt with you in the past and have been happy with your work.

Lloyd J.
December 5, 2018

Randy Maxfield

We initially bought one then another when we had our business in Sumpter for storage of inventory.

We retired and sold property and business. We have getaway property west of Granite. We moved one building and purchased an additional building for this site to store.

We’ve since gone solar and buildings are used not only for storage but for solar panels we now have and for future panels. Battery area and all controls included.

We toured the shed building business in baker city as it was closer for us. I believe it was also cheaper. We believed that product was inferior and I think they didn’t consider snow load important. We get tons of snow in granite! We’ve bought three from you now.

Randy M.
Baker City
December 5, 2018